Get your crying towels ready. An 11 Alive/13WMAZ/v103 poll conducted by Survey USA has declared Democrats D.O.A. in November. That’s right. No need to vote. Game over. Of course, this is the same outfit that correctly predicted completely missed the outcome of the Republican gubernatorial primary in July, showing The Ox (Remember him? I didn’t think so.) with a “comfortable lead”  just days before the July election. I think Republicans should relax.

Especially Jill Chambers, the most vulnerable incumbent on either side of the aisle, who apparently didn’t get the “Republicans Win” memo before she spent all that money on these nasty grams accusing Elena Parent of making fun of her. (Are we back in 7th grade, or what? Next thing you know, she’ll accuse Elena of cheating at dodge ball.)

In her mail, Chambers rolls out all her personal issues at once-business collapse, multiple lawsuits, late taxes, marital difficulties, etc.- and wraps them in a great big spoonful of “how dare she laugh at me” in hopes voters will buy the fiction. How original. Well, actually not. If you look at the this, you will see from her 2008 mail that this is how Jill operates. Her opponent calls her on something, she acts wounded so that when she goes on the attack, she’s “just defending herself.”

Never mind that Parent hasn’t dropped her first mail piece yet. I guess Chambers just “feels” that she’s laughing at her. I understand completely why Jill thinks someone would laugh at her opponent’s struggle in order to score political points. After all, it was Jill who posted this on facebook after learning that Elena was pregnant:

we should all get on facebook and congratulate her! I know I am just as thrilled as she is!!! It will be so much fun for her to go door-to-door in the summer heat while nursing a baby.

Oh that Jill, always the thoughtful one.

Chambers is obviously scared witless, and I can’t blame her. If Elena Parent were running against me, I’d have Karl Rove on speed dial.

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16 Responses to Spin Game

  1. Drew says:

    Poor dear. Sounds to me like she needs to take time off from the state legislature so she can address these issues in her personal life.

  2. Sara says:

    Actually, Jill’s flier shows that she is going to have a hard time coming up with crap to make up and throw at Elena. If this is the best she can do, imaginary “laughing” about all of Jill’s financial woes, then she’s really off her game this time. It ain’t no hardcore pornography website and suggestions of alcoholism mailer, that’s for sure.

    Then again, knowing Elena, there’s not much material for Jill to work with. And her imagination is apparently not amped up to full gear just yet.

  3. Graham says:


    While the poll may not have been done accurately, I hate to say that we are in for a difficult November and it is our fault as Democrats. We have not stood by our President who is doing a great job in extremely difficult times and we have not helped message the good things that have happened in his presidency. The DPG has alienated the base by violating its bylaws to meddle in primaries when our focus needs to be on letting the best Democrat win and having the strongest team. We as a party have not done a good job of messaging the core values of Democrats that are much more in line with America’s values than the other party.

    We will fight as hard as we can to win in November and I hope some statewide Democrats overcome the odds. I know you and many Democrats are working around the clock to make this happen. But after November, we need to have an honest conversation about what Democrats in Georgia need to do to earn the faith and support from a majority of Georgians going forward.

    • chris says:

      Everywhere I go prospective voters tell me whey would vote for Democrats this year if only the party hadn’t sent out caucus mail in two in town Atlanta legislative primaries…please. The house and senate caucuses control their own money and were completely seperate from the party until a few years ago when a ruling by the state ethics committee convinced both parties that it would be safer for legal reasons to make them entities of the parties. While we all want to have a say in how the party spends its money, there is a process for that becoming involved and getting on the state committee etc. As for the caucuses if you want to control how they spend their money you need to become a member of one of those caucuses by getting elected. Only then can you dictate to them what they do with their money. And unfortunately that path goes through someone who is often already a member. This is no different than the national level – think the Lieberman race – the caucus will protect its own in a primary but then embrace the winner regardless afterwards. There are many risks one takes when the put their name on the ballot and if you choose to run a race against an incumbent that is just one extra risk you’re going to have to deal with.

      Will some supporters of the losing candidate be disillusioned by the process and angry at the parties that were involved in the loss? Sure. But at the same time, would a potentially greater number of people that supported the winner be equally disillusioned if things had turned out differently for their candidate and the same organizations had sat on the sideline? Definitely. Politics is about tough choices and in my opinion those who make a tough choice and find themselves on the losing end should be congratulated for contributing to the debate but then buck up and start fighting the next fight with the winners instead of sitting on the sidelines with their sour grapes.

      Sorry, that’s just how I feel. Democrats have a lot of problems motivating our voters this year but in the grand scheme of things I don’t think voters upset with legislative caucus mail in primaries is one of them.

      • Steve Golden says:

        Well put, and agreed. If independent factions want to fund mailers, that’s their business. I’m a Democrat, through and through, and as much as I may not have agreed with some tactics, that doesn’t turn me off from voting for Democrats.

        Did you know that Georgeanna Sinkfield was more than likely not involved in the Vincent Fort mailer? Shocking, right?

        If whatever happened a few months ago still makes you bitter, vote for the Repugnicants. Whatever mailers were sent out didn’t change your mind.

  4. JMPrince says:

    Thanks Amy being the largely solitary crank that I am, I’m currently no one’s FB friend. Happily so too. Yet this also brings up the most unfortunate circumstances whereby we’ll have to ask if Brooks is babbling yet. Yeah I know…JMP

  5. Amy Morton says:

    Actually, women in congress have proven that motherhood and legislating are, indeed, a good combo:

  6. Amy Morton says:

    I have no doubt that she would appreciate your generosity, again. If you are her facebook friend, go to her pics to see the handsome guy!

  7. JMPrince says:

    OK I’m out of the loop here. I stand corrected, despite seeing Elena several times in the last few months too. And I’ve never seen it done ‘on the trail’ actually either. (Maybe the OR Trail?) Still reason enough to send along another contribution too. JMP

  8. Amy Morton says:

    Oh, actually, it was some time ago when that facebook post happened. Elena indeed gave birth to a handsome baby boy, Brooks, who is currently writing all of her speeches. Okay, I’m kidding about that last part. He IS very handsome.

  9. JMPrince says:

    We may never be as popular with our imaginary audiences as hoped. But still a very useful reminder Amy, thanks again. And I assume that just by announcing she was pregnant, there’s really no way Elena would be actually ‘nursing her baby going door to door in the summer heat’. See there’s this gestational period involved, and unlike other life forms we can imagine? In Humans this takes about 9mo on average. So there’s no way this is happening this year with this child. I’m not sure if that’s a full math fail as much as a pure common sense logic fail. As Jill’s the ever miserable incumbent? We’ll posit more the latter than the former, certainly. JMP

  10. Amy Morton says:

    Not hardly, Jen. Not hardly.

  11. Jen B. says:

    Amy, this blog would go to complete shit if it wasn’t for you. THANK YOU.