Barnes pops Deal in new commercial:

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4 Responses to Too Corrupt for Congress

  1. So I just saw a 15 second version of the ad, there was one ad between it and another 15 second anti-Deal ad, much better. But it may have been a little too quick.

  2. theTrueInsider says:

    I’m betting the wizards who did all of Mark Taylor’s “Sonny Perdue land deals” ads did this ad. Like The Ed said, there is way too much going on in this ad. Keep it simple Roy. No need to throw up all your opposition research into 1 ad and down folks mouth. I grade this ad a D-.

  3. JMPrince says:

    Yes, the GOP Gov group & others have a pretty insistent and hateful radio ad playing ‘below the radar’ that has been joined in recent days with another ‘update’ in the same vein, tying Obama & Roy together with plenty of sub rosa bigotry etc. But yeah, the above needed to be more generic, but there’s some issues of comparison & practically likely preventing that too. JMP

  4. The Ed says:

    Think this is Roy’s first bad ad (they can’t all be winners). Just too much going on. I get that it’s bad etc. I think the best line is saying “the building he leased the state as a senator”. Lulz. Way to drive home the D.C. bit Roy.

    Also, has Deal released even ONE ad?