It’s no secret around here that I adore David Sirota.  So, today I thought I’d highlight his recent work as a reminder that there are still some very strong progressive voices out there talking about the values that I (and many or our readers, methinks) hold dear.

Take his recent column for, The Neoliberal Bait-and-Switch that takes trade pacts and corporatism to task and garnered him an invitation to NPR’s Tell Me More.

How many political columnists do you know that can weave Pabst Blue Ribbon into a column?  David can.  This column shows us the real enemies of marijuana legalization.

Hey, if you’re not into reading all of his columns, you can listen to his radio show!  He’s live every morning 7AM-10AM (Mountain Time) on Progressive Talk AM 760.  Or download and listen to his podcasts.

Of course, you can follow him on Twitter . Join his Facebook Fan Page.  Read his books.  David has promised to visit us in Atlanta when his new book is published!


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  1. JMPrince says:

    More stuff along the same lines, via Yves Smith.

    The STEM debate is not primarily an educational one. We’ve got plenty of ‘spare capacity’ there of semi & underemployed folks in these fields. Get on one of their job boards & you’ll hear an earful. The bigger problem seems to be the outsourcing & the importation of foreign talent on Visas that work for a fraction of what these jobs once paid. The deskilling of jobs continues, but the wage stagnation and job cutbacks in favor of cheaper labor everywhere & at all times is what’s making the jobs disappear here. But I also saw the one on PBR earlier & enjoyed that. Always good for a chuckle. JMP