Or nearly 5 million short, as it were.

Early this morning, with just over three hours’ notice, Republican nominee for governor Nathan Deal called on supporters to join him in a 9:45 a.m. conference call to discuss the several hits he’s taken this week about his personal finances…

The Deal response indicates the news has caused some turmoil in Republican ranks, possibly affecting the GOP nominee’s fundraising during a crucial period.


3 Responses to Day Late, Dollar Short

  1. JMPrince says:

    Deal looks like a old horse ready for the glue pot by way of comparison. But that the moment, she seems to be down more in the polls. JMP

  2. Jules says:

    @deputy you may not have seen it in GA, but it’s been playing out for years in DE. Christine O’Donnell ran for office in 2008 it was revealed she never fully paid for college, she’s using her home as the campaign HQ so she can expense her living costs out of campaign money, she didn’t pay her taxes and had to have her paycheck garnished.

    Nathan looks like an upstanding citizen in comparison.

  3. deputy says:

    Nathan Deal is on the hook for $2.8 million in undisclosed loans. He owes an additional $2.1 million due in February. And he’s running for governor under an ethcis cloud? I’ve never seen anything like this before.