The AJC is reporting more trouble for the embattled former congressman and would-be governor, Nathan Deal.

His son-in-law, Clinton Wilder, had filed for bankruptcy in 2001, four years before Deal agreed to co-sign more than two million in loans for the now-failed business. When Wilder again filed for bankruptcy in 2009, he allegedly failed to disclose the 2001 filing, as required by law.

Nathan Deal refuses to say when he learned of his son-in-law’s 2001 bankruptcy, and it is this refusal that makes this an issue in the Governor’s race and not an uncomfortable topic at supper with the family.

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Deal’s spokesperson acknowledged that he knew about his son-in-law’s 2001 bankruptcy (apparently that’s okay to talk about), but when asked when Deal found out, the answer was:

“Members of Nathan’s family are not running for public office,” Robinson said.”The important thing for voters to know is that Nathan will meet the obligations that are his.”

Huh? Okay to discuss son-in-law, not okay to discuss Deal’s own knowledge. This makes my head hurt.

When is Nathan Deal going to get the message that telling Georgia voters the truth is his obligation?

Note to Deal: this is not about your children. It’s about your judgment, your ethics and your failure to disclose.

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5 Responses to More Deal Drama

  1. AmyMorton says:

    Everybody realizes, right, that the two loans Deal disclosed on
    Thursday were reported only after a reporter called
    him on it? He disclosed because he got caught, not because he
    had sudden recall.
    The question is- what else lurks?

  2. wow says:

    Deal gave money to Clinton!

  3. This becomes a what did he know and when did he know it matter.

    Deal claims to be such a family man – I’m sure he knew his son-in-law filed for bankruptcy in 2001. And didn’t disclose it in 09, which is a crime.

    Why didn’t Deal disclose it?
    Why did it just come out today?

    Two words: Cover up.

  4. JMPrince says:

    Through improvidence, ineptitude or frank incompetence & worse, Mr. Deal has been rendered bankrupt. Both morally & fiscally so. There’s no realistic way he can satisfy his debts without the aid from powerful friends and out of state interests & power brokers. Which again is demonstrably corrupting for any & all office holders of any public trust. He really needs to ‘man up’ and come clean, and admit all this now, before he becomes a national embarrassment to our state. JMP