It’s about prosperity, y’all – certainly not about bankruptcy, or weird airplane financing arrangements, or shady state contracts. Nathan Deal wants you to know that, while responsible journalists the librul soshulist media is focused like a laser on Deal’s own prosperity (how he got that way and how it all went bad), he’s focused on your prosperity.

Let’s watch:

The first thing to notice is that this ad is, well, different. We haven’t seen a lot of positive messaging out of Deal and his allies lately. There’s a strategy behind this, and my suspicion is that it’s driven by a couple of weeks of negative stories that don’t seem to be going away. Deal’s internal polls are probably indicating something that we might not yet be seeing in the public polling that’s coming out – his positives are falling faster than a drunk guy on a Slip ‘n’ Slide.

So, if bashing on your opponent for being a trial lawyer is off-limits, then I guess you have to deign to talk about the issues. Shocking, I know.

Overall, it’s not a terrible spot. Will it direct attention away from the approximately 18,734 scandals involving how Deal manages his own money? Probably not. Once the media gets their teeth into a story, they don’t tend to let go until there’s nothing left.

But how many of the people who are going to vote on November 2 know about Deal’s financial issues? Sure it’s been all over the papers and TV news, but are people catching on? And do the stories raise Deal’s negatives enough to make those all-important suburban men even consider voting for a Democrat?

The fact that Deal’s playing some active defense, based on what we assume are his internal polling numbers, is a good sign.


2 Responses to Deal’s new ad – it’s about your prosperity, not his

  1. JMPrince says:

    Private lending pools are much more effective when your buds run the banks and let you run wild too. JMP

  2. My FB trolling when he posted that was nothing short of epic.