With every news cycle, the stories get worse and worse for Congressman Nathan Deal. First came the report that the would-be Governor is financially insolvent. Then, yesterday, the AP reported that Deal failed to disclose $2.85 million in loans.

Given the number of tax returns and financial disclosures Deal has been forced to correct and the errors in judgment he has made in business, perhaps he should reconsider the “He’ll get it right the first time” campaign slogan. Even polite people are chuckling.

No wonder some Republicans are wondering whether there’s a way to dump Deal and substitute someone else.

There’s not. They’re stuck.

One Response to Dump Deal?

  1. JMPrince says:

    Yep. A day is a lifetime in politics. And we have been most fortunate in the way providence has provided our opponents. Handel would have been tougher. Not & never a slam dunk mind you. Just better chances glittering beneath the rock slide. JMP