Nathan Deal is not a warlock, but he is indeed a financial wizard. In this ecomony, he is able to increase property values with the stroke of a pen. Check out Shannon McCaffrey’s piece about how Deal’s property values as reported on his newly filed financial disclosure differ from the appraised value for tax purposes. The difference wipes out his new found wealth.

Heck, I was going to vote for Barnes, but facing these tough economic times, we need someone who can create money out of thin air and persuade people to loan us money even if we can’t pay it back. It may be the only way we keep the school doors open.


One Response to Funny Math

  1. JMPrince says:

    Thanks for the tip Amy. You know there’s ‘amending the record’, ‘adjusting’ it to ‘accurately reflect changed circumstances’, and then there’s ‘cooking the books’. Deal’s evidently chosen the later, and now may be in violation of the law by crassly lying on his reporting.

    Via the AJC: “On Monday, Deal’s campaign referred questions to Tifton, Ga.-based accountant, Jimmy Allen, who said he believes the higher values are correct”. Further the story tells us: “I’m going to stand by the way I filed the form at this point,” Allen said.
    Emil Runge, a spokesman for Deal’s Democratic opponent Roy Barnes, said his candidate used the most recent local tax assessors appraised value to list his property on his disclosure.”

    That’s interesting, but they did not say Mr. Allen was either an appraiser who’s licensed in Ga. or using one or actually appealing the locally assessed value of the property in question using one. Ergo, it’s again either a knowing scam, or ineptitude of the highest order. Just to try & ‘get by’ until election time. But knowingly making false assertions on such filings? Criminal, most likely. JMP