Someone sent me this great video that summarizes the Georgia Republican Party:

Cliff notes:

Sen. Saxby Chambliss – a staffer and Federal government employee thought it would be a good idea to express his homophobic ideology across the internet. The loser didn’t understand how the internetz works and his IP was traced. It’s been Day 3 of the incident and Saxby hasn’t fired anyone yet.

Nathan Deal – for Governor – need I say more than “No Deal”. Poppa Deal loaned his child $2.3 million in a business that went belly up. Although Deal says he can cover the loss and doesn’t need a government bailout, he only reports his net worth as $2 million. So where is he going to get the other money from? Speaking of reporting, Grandpa Deal somehow forgot that he failed to disclose another $2.8 million dollar loan for his business. Somehow Grandpa is spinning all these loans and failures as he “feels the pain of average Georgians”. What average Georgians? I don’t know many people who can pick up the phone and get a $2.3 million loan when their possessions can’t cover that amount.

Casey Cagle – for Lt. Governor – Grandpa Deal easily received his loan because his bud Cagle was the “manager” of the bank. But Cagle is now claiming that he knew nothing about the loan. I call bullshit on that because you know Cagle received a call before the bank loaned Grandpa that much money.

Mark Butler – for Labor Commissioner – so Butler is sending out robocalls stating that he is the better choice for Labor Commissioner. Not so much Butler. Let’s recall how Butler used his power of authority to threaten an entire University’s funding because they were going to fire his lobbyist girlfriend. Sources say that Butler not only had a personal interest in making sure his lobbyist girlfriend didn’t get fire, but he had a financial interest because the girlfriend was renting a place he owned. No job = no money to Butler for rent.

John Barge – for School Commissioner – posts on his Facebook wall that Georgians need to “defeat the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda”. Dude you have only been in office for like 7 or 8 months and in that timeframe the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda has selected Georgia to receive $400 million in the Race to the Top program. Over the past 8 years with the Perdue/Cagle/Richardson agenda, Georgia schools lost over $3 billion in funding. Now which agenda is working out the best?

Michael Harden – for State Rep. 28 – this guy isn’t sure what his identity is – is he Michael Harden or Michael Holland or Clark Rockefeller? Who the hell knows? Even sadder is that this dude hoodwinked his constituents in 2008 and was elected to office.

Paulette Braddock – for State Rep. 19 – Braddock is pulling a Christine O’Donnell by using her own company to produce and mail campaign flyers but failing to report such in-kind contributions on her campaign disclosure forms. Hmmmm….

Susan Holmes – for State Rep. 125 – Susan’s Republican opponent unleashes a lot of dirt on her website. Doesn’t seem like ol’ Susie has been a good financial steward.

Jill Chambers – for State Rep. 81 – Jill is being the same old wretched campaigner that she always is. This time around she is whining that her opponent is attacking her when her opponent hasn’t sent out one negative mailer yet. Jill believes strongly in the boogie man fear factor.

Democrats and Independents need to go vote the Republican Party out of office. They are making Georgia the laughingstock of politics. We all suffer when the Georgia Republican Party is in control of our state tax dollars.


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  1. JMPrince says:

    Thanks for the reminder Bernita, How we missed Sonny in all this is a mystery too. Ditto for Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers & his banking & loan/bankruptcy troubles. (Must be going around down there!) I’m sure if we try hard enough we can come up with about a dozen more too. JMP