Tom Perdue?  Kenny Burgamy? Voices from within his own party are calling for Nathan Deal to do the honorable thing and step aside.  Shannon McCaffrey has the scoop. I don’t know Tom, but I do know Kenny, who is from Macon. We agree on little politically, but when it comes to ethics, we’re on the same page. I’m not at all surprised by his stance.

This has to be devastating to the Deal campaign. Can you imagine what how donors must be feeling? Would you write Roy Barnes a check right now if the tables were turned? I didn’t think so.

Others, including the head of Georgia’s Christian Coalition are calling, at least,  for full disclosure:

Jerry Luquire, head of the Georgia Christian Coalition, said Deal must do more to clear up the confusion surrounding his finances.

Luquire said voters — wrongly or rightly — have been left with the impression that “something is wrong.”

It’s going to be very tough to blame this story on Democrats or the “liberal” media.

I’ve been disappointed by my share of Democrats, and I can identify with the disappointment and anger that comes when you realize that the person you supported is someone you no longer respect. (Ahem, John Edwards)

It takes a lot of courage and character to stand up and say ‘no’ to corruption, regardless of party. Good for them.

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2 Responses to GOP Leaders Dish on Deal

  1. JMPrince says:

    As Mr. Micawber & Uriah Heep might have put it 160 years ago, “$2 Mill ‘total assets’- $2.3 in ‘immediate Loan obligations’ due Feb 1st?=Bankrupt Sooner. Further, “$2 Mill in ‘total assets’- “well over $5 million in loans outstanding”=Bankrupt Later. It’s no different for Donald Trump either. Just the sums are a bit greater.

    As the AP captured the complex transactions here “The debt exceeds the total of Deal’s total assets — listed as $2 million on a recent state disclosure form.” Single entry accounting will suffice.

    No, the complex & structured financial engineering all went to avoiding paying much taxes as a supposed public servant supping at the public trough for a generation or more. While earning comfortably above the top quintile in income. JMP