Jill Chambers is 1) desperate and 2) can’t think of anything bad to say about Elena Parent.I know this because today,  via a nasty-gram that hit mailboxes in the district, Jill criticized Elena for taking money from lawyers at Sutherland Asbill, the firm represents the DeKalb County School Board. She calls on Elena to return the money. Whatever.

I know Jill is worried, but she might want to re-think this particular strategy since it opens her to scrutiny about her own fundraising- or lack thereof.

For example, Jill might want to refund all the money she has taken from people who cheated on their wives with lobbyists. Glenn Richardson, who resigned in disgrace in January of this year, contributed $2,300 to Chamber in 2008 and $2,000 in 2006. In addition, in 2008, Richardson’s slush fund political action committee, MMV Alliance Fund, contributed $2,300 directly to Chambers, and between 2006 and 2009 contributed $310,000 to the Georgia Republican Party. On August 17, 2010, the State Ethics Commission fined Richardson $500 after investigating a $219,000 transfer from Richardson’s campaign funds to MMV in 2009.

I trust that Chambers and the Republican Party of Georgia will be returning all that cash.

21 Responses to Jill Chambers and Glenn Richardson

  1. Voice of reason says:

    To the Jill trolls:

    Should it be illegal then for public school teachers, firemen, police officers or other government employees to donate money to political campaigns?

    The money from their paychecks is, of course, taxpayer money before they deposit it in their own account.

  2. Steve Golden says:


    Elena Parent worked in the multinational law firm of Sutherland Asbill and Brennan, LLP, which has thousands of attorneys. Therefore, those donations came from her coworkers. Ya know, like if Jim and Pam gave money to Dwight?

    Also, anyone who has a remedial knowledge of anything would understand how inane that attack was on Elena.

    • Wake up People. says:

      Wake up people. I think all Jill was saying was that if Elena wants to be a rep from DeKalb County, she should return contributions partially funded by the taxpayers of DeKalb and intended for DeKalb County school children.

      If Elena is such a well financed and above board candidate, why does she refuse to return these funds?

      Don’t any of you have a problem with a board of education spending $120k per month in legal fees? And don’t you have a problem with the law firm that gets those school funds being Parent’s biggest campaign donor?

      Wake up. You all know that if it was someone else doing this kind of thing you would be up in arms, but since it is Jill, you look the other way. Shame on all of you. Letting a corporate lawyer trick you into thinking she is the victim. Ridiculous.

      • Sara says:

        How are contributions from her former coworkers at her former law firm “partially funded by the taxpayers of DeKalb and intended for DeKalb County school children?”

        She can’t raise money from former coworkers because they work at a firm that represents a local county? There is zero evidence that DeKalb county funds were used to fund any contribution to the Parent campaign and to say or even suggest that is so completely inaccurate that it’s irresponsibly misleading.

        Shame on YOU for making things up that have no factual support whatsoever. All you’re doing is showing you have no idea how law firms operate.

      • Ed says:

        You are a tard. And I mean that in the best possible way.

      • FedUp in District 81 says:

        “Wake Up People” is suffering from the same strain of Fuzzy Logic Disease that afflicts Jill Chambers, characterized by a befuddled and addled world view where completely unrelated factoids are linked to form an absurd predetermined conclusion.

        According to Jill Chambers’ Fuzzy Logic, the following would be true:
        1) Jill Chambers accepts campaign funds from Coca-Cola.
        2) Coca-Cola does business in, and makes money from, Saudi Arabia.
        3) Most of the 9-11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia.
        4) Ergo, Jill Chambers takes money from terrorists and should return all the funds.

        Make sense? Of course not, and even a marginally trained golden retriever would understand that. Unfortunately, Fuzzy Logic Disease has no known cure; however, to stop its spread, quarantine from other susceptible individuals is highly recommended.

  3. Sexton Woods Voter says:

    Another oily weasely attack from Jill. Funny that Jill gives out Elena’s cell number, but big girl’s number can’t be found. Maybe all her numbers have been disconnected. If we can get Jill to put the sandwich down long enough, I’d ask her the following:

    1. Jill Chambers was head of MARTOC – the legislature’s MARTA oversight committee. And MARTA is broke, mismanaged and it’s now revealed that they’re missing a bunch of laptops, among other things. So where was the oversight?
    2. Jill mentions that she will definitely notify us if she hears of any new taxes being discussed under the Gold Dome. OK, great. But what about her party’s decision to kill the state homestead relief? That’s the GOP’s answer to “no new taxes” – ??
    3. Being a legislator doesn’t pay jack. If Jill has been through such a hard time, shouldn’t she spend the time finding a real job and stabilizing her family situation?
    4. Jill’s been in the House for – 4 terms? – and what does she really have to show for it? NOTHING is mentioned in her flyer about any accomplishments as a state representative. What’s that about?

  4. FedUp in District 81 says:

    I am fed up with Jill Chambers’ nasty campaign tactics, which she rolls out every election cycle to trash whoever her opponent is. This time, she’s gone too far. I’m still trying to puzzle out the meaning of her latest missive. First, she appears to be saying that there’s something wrong with a law firm representing a client who has legal problems. Umm, isn’t that what a law firm does? Then, because Chambers doesn’t like the client, she demands that Elena Parent return any funds that she’s raised from the law firm. This gap in logic is breathtaking coming from a candidate who constantly proclaims, “trust is the issue”.

    I also have to wonder about the incredibly bizarre Larry Flynt mailer that I received from Jill Chambers last week. While it’s commendable that Ms. Chambers voted not to allow Flynt to publish graphic crime scene photographs of a murdered young woman, (and I have yet to meet one person arguing for said publication with the exception of Mr. Flynt), one has to wonder why she then feels compelled to describe the condition of the woman’s body in such graphic and disgusting detail – on both sides of the mailer. It seems that although Chambers does not want people subjected to seeing violent photographs, she wants to also make sure we see the image in our mind’s eye through her description. This smacks of exploitation – the same type of exploitation she is purportedly voting against.

    More troubling, however, is Chambers’ apparent desire to run against any and all DeKalb County elected officials. She sends out robo-calls against the Board of Commissioners, she rails against the School Board and complains about the CEO. Does she not understand that her constituents are residents (and voters) of the very county she seems to despise?

    Too often Chambers pits herself against MARTA, undermining its effectiveness, instead of helping the agency to prosper and provide transportation to our region. Too often Chambers viciously attacks her opponents with no basis in fact. It’s time for a change in leadership in District 81. I am wholeheartedly supporting Elena Parent because we need a representative who will stand up for DeKalb County citizens in the legislature and work for us instead of against us.

  5. JodiC says:

    @Richard – Yes I would like to see the flyer you are referring to as well.

    @Richard – The Democratic primary candidate that ran against Chris Huttman in 2008 had outstanding warrants against her at the time, as well as previous felony convictions. Boy, did she have me fooled at first. In fact, she was just arrested twice this month in Gwinnett County on Sept. 2nd for Battery (released on bond of $5700) and then again on Sept 16th for Giving False Information (release on bond of $1300). Obviously this was not the candidate we wanted to run against Jill LOL

    @Anhelo & Watcher – When you can post your criticisms proudly under your real names I will consider what you have to say. I’m just sayin….

    @Peter – Thank You and to think I was just about to use The Google to look for a therapist – Oh wait, I have 2 family members and 3 friends in that profession. Maybe I can get a freebie cuz the political climate these days could make anyone a bit down in the dumps.

    Onwards and Upwards as they say….whoever “they” are 🙂

  6. Amy Morton says:

    @Peter. You are my hero. Jill is facing her toughest opposition in years, and she is underfunded. It’s telling that an incumbent in the majority party can’t seem to raise enough cash for her campaign, so she resorts to asking her opposition to give back some of the money they’ve raised.

    @Richard, please provide us with a copy of the flyer you reference. It didn’t come from the Parent campaign.

    BTW, post Saxby-scandal, you’d think republicans would’ve learned, there really is no anonymity on the Internets.

  7. Peter Tondee says:

    Hey dick, telling someone they need “psychological and mental help” sounds a lot to me like “telling everyone what’s wrong in their life”. I’m sure that contradiction is lost on you. Go piss up a rope troll.

  8. Richard Williams says:


    And who are you the official Democratic English teacher?Typical, the Progressive Dems have to correct and tell everyone what’s wrong in their life.

    Sorry,I didn’t pass your grammer requirements.

  9. Richard Williams says:

    Well, Mrs, Parent sending out a flyer commenting on Rep. Chambers butt,which is not very professional.

    With Mrs. Parents contributions from law firms and the first reporting cycle that was over $80,000 or so.

    Mrs. Parent is a nice person but she can’t speak worth a hoot,does not know the community and it’s issues.With all the hardcore liberal orgnaizations and her support for gay marriage.Any, way Mrs. Parent is barely even resident of a year in the District .

    If Ms. Cobb wants to get about Chris Huttman.Well, Mr, Huttman was a lazy bum who only took the money and sat on his ass.Before, that she tried to destroy a fellow Primary Democrat candidate who didn’t fit her or the DeKalb Demcoratic Party’s liken.According to a friend they with Mr.Huttman tried to have the candidate arrested, and socially & politically destroyed her.With Mr.Huttman’s flyers were even worse & hateful than anything that a Republican can think of.

    Mr. Huttman also mailed out flyers attacking Mrs. Chambers mother while she was ill.

    As, a resident of House 81 rather have Rep.Chambers than a hardcore wacko House Chair and a lawyer who if elected won’t get anything done.


    Ms. Cobb, you need psychological and mental help

    Richard Williams
    Resident of Ga House 81

    • Sara says:

      I 100% guarantee you that Elena Parent did not send any piece of mail that commented on Jill Chambers’ derriere.

      I know Elena Parent and she is an intelligent, accomplished professional. Everything you say about her in this comment is complete garbage. I know Jill Chambers wins elections with sleazy tactics, but creating fake voter accounts in an effort to spread obvious lies on Democratic blogs…that’s just ridiculous.

      Take that crap over to Peach Pundit, please.

  10. JodiC says:

    Me thinks if we research Ms. Chambers’ other campaign disclosures we’ll find donors who also don’t quite fit the bill of perfection…..Oh My….What’s This?…..large contributions during almost every election cycle from Troutman Sanders, a law firm . And What’s This? The chair of the real estate group at Troutman Sanders has been accused of participating in a scheme to accept $50 million in kickbacks from a pharmaceutical vendor serving a nursing home company in which he was a principal. Oh and lookie here….Jill Chambers also took campaign contributions from Pfizer and Novartis…..how can we spin this one??

    Take a look at the astounding number of corporate donors Jill Chambers has accepted big money from over the years….wonder if we can find any votes that she has cast to benefit these companies? – Walmart, Phillip Morris, T-Mobile TitleMax, Coca-Cola, BB&T, Publix, Genetech, UPS, Exxon-Mobil, Pfizer, Chevron, Bank of America, Aflac, Novartis, etc. not to mention a significant number of law firms. It’s interesting that when you look at her lists of contributors over the years, there are some cycles when she doesn’t have a single human being making a contribution, only corporations, PACS, and other campaigns.

    I have personally worked on the last 3 campaigns against this woman. I have watched her campaign the same nasty way each time. Taking one itty bitty smidge of truth and twist it all around to make her opponent look like the devil reincarnate. Bob Roche was pictured as a slovenly, drunken, near-do-well because he spoke to the group Drinking Liberally, as well as being pictured with Cynthia McKinney because they signed the same anti-war petition on the internet. Chris Huttman had his picture taken with the Rev. Al Sharpton which Ms. Chambers put on a mailer, as if that was a bad thing. She also aligned Chris with Vernon Jones. Certainly the word “racist” might come to mind. Personally I don’t want someone who feels that it is OK to act this way towards another human being representing me in my government.

    It’s time for a new direction in State House District 81!

    What can you do to help??…..contact Elena Parent’s Campaign at elenaparent.com and sign up to volunteer.

    Jodi Cobb
    Secretary, DeKalb County Democratic Party
    Chair, DCDP House District 81 Committee

    • Watcher says:

      Ms. Cobb
      I do not know what happened in the previous three races with which you were involved, but maybe you are the bad luck charm?

      I’m just sayin . .

      P.S. why is sending a picture of candidates with unpopular public figures being “racist”? So if one uses a picture of a candidate with Obama I suppose will be a member of the KKK?

      • Anhelo Veritas says:

        Jodi: For future reference, the term is ne’er-do-well. As in never-do-well. Not near-do-well, which is of course not only incorrect, but clearly illogical in context.

        But while we’re at it, let’s take up the banner of the downtrodden and give back to the community–by installing yet another big firm lawyer in the state legislature. It is no accident, Jodi, that you work for her opponent each and every cycle. It’s not your philosophical opposition, or even the quality of your candidate, but your blind adherence to the institution of partisan politics. Despite that Jill represents one of the most progressive elements of the Georgia Republican Party down at the capitol, your anti-republican rage leads you to abandon all good sense about who can actually better represent the district’s constituents rather than your own interests of building a little democrat political kingdom for social stature and power.

        Please. Your bland and impotent criticisms over the past decade ring hollow and for self-gain.

        • Mel says:

          Self-gain? How little you know. Since your critique of Jodi lacks credibility, we’ll assume the same applies to your defense of Jill Chambers. A candidate who, by all other reports, is broke and desperate. If Jill Chambers “represents one of the most progressive elements of the Georgia Republican Party”, they are bereft indeed.

  11. JMPrince says:

    Yeah color me mystified about this line of attack. ‘You’re a Lawyer or You’ve taken Money from Lawyers!’ Pretty much covers 1/2 to 2/3rds of most legislatures, much of the time. We’re just gradually weaning ourselves away from this now too. But Legislation & Litigation? It’s all about the law. You could look it up. JMP