In her latest illegal robo-call (the speaker never identifies himself), Republican Jill Chambers continues to make silly claims about our candidate Elena Parent. Since this silly strategy has worked so well for Jill in the past, she’s sticking with it. Misleading voters being her one and only campaign tactic.

Click here to listen to robocall

Meanwhile, Elena has a few things to say about Jill that aren’t the least bit silly. On the new website you’ll find factual reports like this one:

While stifling the economy by raising taxes, Jill Chambers was billing taxpayers more than $9,000 for expenses and reimbursements on days when the legislature wasn’t even in session (Legislative Fiscal Office, 04/15/10). All in all Chambers has charged taxpayers $110,000 for her expense account—on top of her taxpayer funded salary (Legislative Fiscal Office, 04/21/10). Real fiscal responsibility starts by holding our legislators accountable for their own frivolous spending.


22 Responses to Jill Chambers is ridiculous

  1. Ed says:

    Also, serious question. Obviously there is some amount of money that is “too much” for Dekalb County Schools. What is an acceptable amount for the county to pay? Not an exact figure but ballparking it would be nice.

    • Sara says:

      School boards get sued (like any entity operating facilities where people work and may be injured), and also need legal advice on a variety of issues. Are they not supposed to hire a good firm to defend or advise them because that money should be going to the chillrun? I don’t understand the logic of this argument at all. Maybe they should hire a crappy, cheaper firm? Is that what Jill is arguing here?

  2. Voice of reason says:

    Let’s just do some taxpayer dollar math.

    Jill Chambers: Takes $110K DIRECTLY from taxpayers for “mileage and expenses” on top of her inflated Per Diems and Salary.

    Elena Parent: Raises money from her co-workers, who have earned that money and then decided to part with it as a contribution to Elena.

    Which part seems egregious?

    Oh and SHOCKER — Every public entity hires lawyers to work on legal issues.

    And let’s be clear, Jill loves lawyers too.

    She’s consistently supported by the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, and has had two fundraisers in the past few months where GTLA members were encouraged to give money to Jill.

    As mentioned by Sara, lawyers and law firms who work for public entities have given to Chambers as well and Sutherland lawyers and the firm itself has given to many Republican candidates as well.

    This is just Robocall Jill’s annual attempt at smoke and mirrors to manipulate the electorate.

  3. AmyMorton says:

    Ask Jill who she’s supporting for Gov and Lt Gov. Gee, I wonder if either has taken any money from any lawyer at SAB? Will she
    call on her Republican cronies to return the money, or is this just
    a special rule for Elena. This is a red herring, designed to distract.

  4. Wake up People. says:

    Ok folks, here is the difference.

    DeKalb County Schools should not be using $120,000 per month to pay legal fees. The former superintendent has been indicted on bribery and racketeering charges. The schools are short on money and in trouble. I think we can all agree on those things.

    By taking so much money from this firm, Parent is compromised on her ability to criticize the county for spending these funds, since they are going to pay the very same corporate lawyers who are being overpaid in the first place.

    And further, I have not seen anyone on this site say that they think it is ok to spend up to $5Million per year of education dollars on legal fees.

    Even if you accept Parent’s fuzzy math about how much money Jill takes from the taxpayers (which is way inflated), it only comes out to $13,750 per year. That is a far cry from Parent’s biggest contributor taking $1,446,672 per year in retainers from our children’s education dollars.

    It’s not right and you know it. If this were anyone else other than your beloved Elena Parent, you would be howling bloody murder.

    • You are fucking retarded. And I mean that in the best possible way.

    • Also I’m ambivalent at best about this race.

      • JMPrince says:

        As usual Ed, it’s all about you. Always.

        • Ed says:

          As usual, you don’t read and make shit up about me.

          That comment was in response to this “It’s not right and you know it. If this were anyone else other than your beloved Elena Parent, you would be howling bloody murder.”

    • Sara says:

      Parent hasn’t taken a dime directly from Sutherland Asbill & Brennan. Look at her disclosures for yourself. She has received donations from her FORMER COWORKERS who are employees of her the firm. Please stop deliberately lying about the source of her campaign contributions.

      Also, will Jill be returning the contributions from Troutman Sanders (directly, not employees of the firm) since they have also represented the DeKalb county schools according to their own website?

      • Sara says:

        That should say employees of her former firm, not employees of her the firm. I make typos when I’m angry at all the flagrant stupidity.

    • MouthoftheSouth says:

      Let’s say the Dekalb County Schools buy Coke for their cafeterias. Then someone who works for Coca-Cola goes home at the end of the day and thinks, you know that Elena Parent who I know from church is a good person, I will give her $100. Do you think that money that should have gone to school children is going to campaign contributions, and therefore Parent can have no opinions on Dekalb County? That’s ludicrous.

      That’s essentially your argument, except you are using the spectre of attorneys, the power of anti-intellectualism, and the incompetency of the Dekalb School Board as a club to scare voters into not replacing their representative who is at turns incompetent and spiteful.

  5. “While stifling the economy by raising taxes”

    OH FFS.

  6. JMPrince says:

    A singed ‘pledge’ from ATR that she (Jill C.) does not understand and evidently till broke due to her ignorance or incompetence or perhaps indifference? When is a ‘pledge’ not a pledge? Since when are dozens of fee hikes & new extra governmental charges Not taxes? Mean what you say & say what you mean. Just don’t be mean saying BS! A lie is a lie Jilly. JMP

  7. Mel says:

    Good grief. This is such a reach Jill might as well be running in the next state.

    • Sara says:

      So, “Wake Up People,” when is Jill going to return the money she has collected from Troutman Sanders, since by your logic taking money from a law firm that represents local counties is improper because it somehow takes money away from county residents who need it more? Troutman Sanders has represented DeKalb county in various proceedings including defending an action brought by the Dunwoody Homeowners Association. And Troutman even has attorneys who have represented the DeKalb County Schools in bond issuances. Troutman has also represented Fulton County in defending a class action pertaining to conditions in the Fulton County jail. That’s just what I found in 15 minutes of googling the Troutman website. I’m happy to post links if you’d like.

  8. Wake up People. says:

    This is great. Attack Jill for working on days when the house is not in session. Just a standard Parent trick to try to change the subject from the fact that Parent will NOT return these questionable contributions.

    What’s next? What new ridiculous charges will be coming from the Parent attack machine while they try to deflect attention away from her refusal to return contributions to the very law firm charging DeKalb Schools $120,000 per month.

    Maybe if the school board didn’t spend millions a year in legal fees for Elena’s buddies, the schools would have more money.

    • Mel says:

      I guess I’ve missed something, but can you tell me again why Elena’s (former) firm should refuse the DeKalb School Board as a client? Is your assumption/contention that their legal issues would somehow magically resolve themselves?

    • Sara says:

      Wow, Chambers is even more delusional than usual. The contributions aren’t questionable at all. They are from Elena Parent’s former coworkers at her old law firm. In fact, Sutherland itself has not contributed to Parent’s campaign. Try as you might to pretend there is something scandalous about her former coworkers giving her campaign funds, but there is zero evidence that DeKalb county funds were ever used for any contribution to Parent’s campaign.

      Will Jill be returning her contributions from Troutman Sanders or the other law firms that have donated to her?