The sirens are blasting over in Deal-land, with the campaign now in full damage control mode. Deal is hosting a conference call this morning at 9:45 to somehow blame Barnes and “his supporters” for his woes. Whatever. How about the “misrepresentation of facts” on Deal’s own disclosure?

That this call is happening at all (they sent this at about 6 a.m.-must have been a long night in the Deal war room) and especially that I know about it  is all very bad news for the candidate. He looks panicked and desperate. Who can blame him?

Feel free to jump on the call.

Conference dial-in number: (323) 843-0075

Participant access code: 347029

All the info, including the text of the email  is below.

Technology is a great thing…except when it’s not.

—-Original Message—–
From: Deal for Governor
Sent: Fri Sep 17 06:00:47 2010
Subject: Conference Call with Nathan

Conference Call This Morning at 9:45 a.m.

Nathan would like for you to join him on a conference call this morning, Friday, September 17, at 9:45 AM. He would like to give an update on the progress of the campaign and address the misrepresentation of facts his opponent and his supporters have perpetuated in the past 24 hours.  Nathan feels you deserve to know firsthand the truth.  The call-in details can be found below.

Conference dial-in number: (323) 843-0075

Participant access code: 347029

Deal for Governor | PO BOX 2495 | Gainesville | GA | 30503

4 Responses to Deal: Damage Control

  1. gunner says:

    @jules who says 9:45 is to early for a cocktail? Sounds like a perfect time for mimosas!

  2. Mel says:

    Did anyone listen in? What’s the story?

  3. Jules says:

    9:45 was way too early willingly listen to a load of BS, it would have had to been at 5:00 and I’d have need a cocktail.

    I find it funny that I keep hearing he’s going to sell his house to pay off some of the debts. Uh, Nathan I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but houses aren’t selling-and certainly not at the prices you need them to.

    Of course some GOP corporation could buy it, like they did for Christine O’Donnell and they he’s set.

    I look forward to hearing how this call goes, some of you have stronger stomachs than I do.