This just landed in my in-box.  Good to see Mary Squires calling BS on Hudgens.

Insurance Commissioner Candidate Mary Squires Calls on Ralph Hudgens to Stop Blaming Women for High Costs of Insurance

ATLANTA, GA.  Senator and Insurance Commissioner Candidate Ralph Hudgens has a history of attempting to remove State insurance mandates that protect women, children, and their families.  Sen. Hudgens has even gone as far as blaming women and female legislators for the high cost of insurance.

On Wednesday September 29th join Mary Squires and women from across the state as she calls on Ralph Hudgens to stop using women’s healthcare as a scapegoat for high insurance costs.

Who:  Mary Squires, Jane Kidd

What: Mary Squires Press Conference Standing up for Women’s Healthcare

When: Wednesday September 29th at 1pm

Where: Steps of the State Capitol – Washington St. side, weather permitting


4 Responses to Mary Squires Press Conference Standing up for Women’s Healthcare

  1. JMPrince says:

    Not that there’s anything wrong with lobbyists choosing who runs the Govt. shop which supervises their industry & tries to enforce the laws applying to them. Regulatory capture, anyone? JMP

  2. Jules says:

    @GAHack… well that’s no surprise considering he gets a 100 rating from the Christian Coalition and is endorsed by Georgia Right to Life. I’m sure the women of Georgia who actually think they will still have access to a safe legal medical procedure won’t be sleeping too easily if this guy gets elected.

    As I understand it, Hudgens told a radio station that he was hand picked by the Ins. Lobbyists to run for Ins. Commissioner. Nice.

  3. GeorgiaHack says:

    He was also the one pushing the limits on IVF that will basically shut down the entire industry here in Georgia. He is no friend of women.