How appropriate that Women’s Equality Day and Labor Day occur within a a  few days of each other. In addition to fighting for equal treatment for women in the workplace, organized labor was an early an influential partner in the fight to for women’s suffrage.

The Georgia Federation of Labor led the way by endorsing women’s suffrage in 1900 and encouraging local unions to do the same. Considered in context, this was a bold stand. In 1908, neither major political party was willing to include support for women’s right to vote in their platform.

Ultimately, women were granted the right to vote in 1920, but in Georgia, legislative maneuvers prevented women from voting until 1922. Georgia did not ratify the 19th amendment until 1970, seventy years after the Georgia Federation of Labor signed on to the cause.

Organized labor stood with women when others would not, so tomorrow, somewhere between the beer and the  hot dogs, I hope you’ll take a minute say “thanks.”

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3 Responses to Partners for Equality

  1. Will Spice says:

    Meanwhile, across the globe it women are still living in the “stone” age…….

    The case is so egregious, even the Pope is considering intervention.

  2. JMPrince says:

    Yep. Thanks for the reminder Amy. And 1970? Just in time to work against the ERA in 1976+, right? It never ends. JMP