Just received this clever email from Campaigns and Elections and this should be distributed to every candidate when they go pay their qualifying fees:

Want to lose your next election?
Here are some helpful hints:
1 – Don’t listen to campaign experts.
2 – Make sure you don’t go to a campaign school that has taught over 10,000 candidates.
3 – Communicate ineffectively with your constituents.
4 – Remember not to waste your time fundraising.
5 – Do what you’ve always done and hope it works.

With 55 days left in this election season, some candidates are following these hints very well.


14 Responses to Best political email of the season

  1. Justin McDaniel says:

    11. Have a campaign vehicle with lamborghini style doors…

  2. JMPrince says:

    Some just subsets of the ‘Magic Pony’ approach too.

  3. Will Spice says:

    oooooh….Can I say just ONE name??? PLLEEEESSSEE auntie Nita!

  4. sndeak says:


  5. BEZERKO says:

    Anybody noticed a lot of America Left programming is being broadcast on 1310am “the King.” Thom Hartman, Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller, Bill Press.

  6. Bernita says:

    10. repetitively wear that same outfit that you wore when you took your website/billboard photo because it will help build your brand.

  7. Bernita says:

    9 – bring your kids to every political function because volunteers love to babysit your children.

  8. Bernita says:

    8 – when you hire a staff they will fundraise for you and you can go back to working your day job on a full-time basis.

  9. BEZERKO says:

    7 – Don’t respond to personal attacks because Georgia voters are smarter than that.

  10. Jason says:

    7- Expect “the party” to have everything you could possibly need, including unlimited manpower and money.

  11. Mad Dog says:


    Number one should have been:

    Don’t run as a Democrat in Northeast Georgia unless you’re running for re-election.

  12. BEZERKO says:

    6 – Remember everything you were taught in college political science classes.

  13. JMPrince says:

    All too many Bernita, But the ‘magic pony’ theory of life seems to pervade everything & everywhere. JMP