Sure enough, the campaign of JB Powell is showing signs of life.

Darwin Carter announced he is backing Powell in what I believe is the first major endorsement for the former State Senator from the 23rd District.

I believe this is what Graham alluded to the other day.

In a press conference this afternoon at the Georgia National Fairgrounds, JB Powell, the Democratic Candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture, received an endorsement from Darwin Carter, a 2010 Republican candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture and former Reagan administration official. This is the only cross-party endorsement from a statewide candidate in over a decade in Georgia politics.

Full release here.

Ron Daniels offers some numbers here.


3 Responses to Republican Endorsement for Powell

  1. Jules says:

    The comments on the PP thread are really interesting.

  2. ted says:

    darwin carter ran in the republican primary for ag commissioner. he’s endorsed jb powell because gary black is not a farmer but a lobbyist. that is why i am voting for the libertarian in this race.

  3. Cranky says:

    Shit, who the hell is Darwin Carter?