Really, really? You Republicans are so creative…NOT! As their saying goes, “Georgia wants results, not apologies”, so let me suggest some other things that Georgia wants and that Republicans have failed to provide over the last 8 years:
– jobs, jobs, jobs
– a transportation plan
– a water plan
– a better Trauma Care system that doesn’t hike additional taxes onto taxpayers
– ethical leadership
– safe schools
– salary raises for our teachers

There hasn’t been a peep out of NoDeal and Cagle about their bright ideas for Georgia’s future. Either put up or shut up.


11 Responses to Roybama? Is that all the Republicans have?

  1. Zaid says:

    Where’s BFD’s trackers, researchers, etc? I feel like the proggie blogs in Georgia do not behave like the national ones do in pushing back against the right.

  2. JMPrince says:

    Yep, this is all they’ve got. And yes, it’s always in the papers too. The awesomeness of the Ga. Press as noted by others:

  3. JMPrince says:

    Getting back the headline story here & what Bernita was trying to say. Out of the box? This is the best & only real ‘big punch’ they’ve got? It’s pretty damn weak beer, actually. Might work, who knows? But if you want something done For the state & not To it? You want someone who knows the issues, & the problems of the state well & has a demonstrated ability to at least address them. Deal? Not so much. Just yet another Washington WATB & faux ‘populist’. For the moment at least! JMP

  4. Cranky says:

    The Ed, those polls are just fueling a feeding frenzy that frankly I don’t think will translate totally to the President.

    He’s has a shitty summer-just last last summer and the summer before that. But here’s what I have observed-the man is a clutch player and our folks meh, not so much.

    I still think it’s a mistake to distance himself-frankly it also shows that Roy isn’t a very loyal guy and only goes with the “popular” winds.

    I’d rather he show some damn spine about the leadership and not tack right all the damn time.. Ask yourself how well that worked out for Mark Taylor or his other buddy Old Blues Edwards..

    It didn’t.

    People loved W cause they knew where he stood-even if they didn’t agree with him.. I’d like to see some of that from our folks from time to time.

    • The Ed says:

      This is so horribly misguided.

      A) The polls ARE A DIRECT REFLECTION OF OBAMA’S POPULARITY (at least the ones I’m talking about). If fewer than 50% of people “approve” of the job he’s doing, that’s not good. And translates directly to Obama. To be honest, not sure what you’re trying to say with your first sentence.

      B) His shitty summer is exactly the point. He’s NOT POPULAR AT THE MOMENT. His approval in Georgia is terrible. TERRIBLE. Why would it help a trailing candidate in a very Republican state to be with an unpopular president, other than to raise dough which Roy can do on his own.

      C) Yeah, fault Roy for lack of loyalty. Sure.

      D) Not tack right all the time? Isn’t this poli sci 101 about a two party state? nvm that “showing leadership” only happens when we agree with something (don’t try to convince me or yourself otherwise).

      D) Apples to oranges with every other comparison.

      • The Ed says:

        E) one other thing…if we’re going to talk about Obama being “clutch” (which I’m not sure what that means but whatever) since 08, what elections that Obama has gotten involved in (and let’s put it more broadly and say which campaigns) have turned into victories.

      • JMPrince says:

        The polls are the polls. And in a recessionary environment, this is what they look like at the exact same time in the cycle for nearly everyone. Even for St. Ronnie Reagan too. Believe it or don’t’. Now what to do about the shitty economy is another big question. JMP

  5. Cranky says:

    I’m pretty sure President Obama doesn’t have the dandruff problem Roy does, and in that respect isn’t a thing like Roy, plus Michelle can pull off sleeveless- Marie, oh dear no.

    Other ways they are different? President Obama acknowledges LBGT people in his speeches, Roy not so much.

    It’s a stupid ad, as if folks who dislike Obama were ever voting for Roy in the first place.

    But it doesn’t help that Roy runs screaming from the President when he came to GA. Not helpful Roy, not helpful.

    GA has 12% more voters since 2008, and they were all registered by Obama supporters… bolting from the President doesn’t win you those votes.

    • The Ed says:

      “But it doesn’t help that Roy runs screaming from the President when he came to GA. Not helpful Roy, not helpful.”

      Have you been paying attention the past few months? It is helpful. Obama’s not even popular in Illinois FFS.

  6. JMPrince says:

    Yep. Also MIA are the better schools they promised too. JMP