Hollee Crap, I still can’t quite believe it.  Late this afternoon, Senator Chambliss called Joe Jervis, author or Joe.My.God blog and offered an apology over the “all faggots must die” incident.

Joe describes his call with the Senator here, and the AJC covered it here.

Reading through the comments, most folks are willing to be very gracious towards the Senator. Me, meh, not so much. I  think there is much more to this “staffer” whose now been “removed”.  I’m so cranky and crusty these days that I have a feeling this character was so bad that the Senator had to get out in front of this and build some good will before the other shoe dropped, if you know what I mean.

I’ve lobbied both our Senators staff on a whole host of LBGT issues, and generally they are very polite and cordial giving me just enough time to not feel like we got the brush off. In each circumstance we left with no illusion that they were planning to support the legislation.

I am however very happy for the Queer Justice League, they must have had one whopper of a meeting yesterday!


9 Responses to Sen. Chambliss delivers an apology directly to Joe.My.God

  1. JMPrince says:

    Other good news in the same vein:

    “Michigan’s Gay-Bashing Assistant AG Andrew Shirvell Takes Leave Of Absence

    Michigan’s Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell has gained national attention recently for his bizarre crusade to smear Chris Armstrong, an openly gay student assembly president at the University of Michigan…”


  2. JaneB says:

    JMPrince, a much better alternative for the good people of South Carolina is my uncle, Tom Clements, who’s running on the Green Party ticket. He’s been running hard for 6 months!

    Check him out here: http://clementsforsenate.com/

  3. JMPrince says:

    Other better news on the Senate races against another hard line GOP bigot& obstructionist :

    “Nathalie Dupree, a prominent Charleston chef and cookbook author, is announcing her write-in candidacy Thursday in an 11th-hour challenge to Senator Jim DeMint, the Republican incumbent, and Alvin Greene, the unemployed Democratic nominee”.


    He husband, Jack Bass used to write for the AJC, way back in the day when it was both readable & interesting & informative. JMP

  4. JMPrince says:

    Well in any case it’s seemingly ‘good news’ after this tragic debacle referred to above:

  5. JerryT says:

    Many politicians can’t think of anything without considering the political consequences, but… we should reward good behavior, and this was probably good behavior.

  6. Kimberly says:

    @MK, sadly there have been 4 deaths in the last 10 days, 2 as young as 13. It’s been a tough week. I honestly don’t know why he made the call himself-it’s not exactly in character.

  7. MK says:

    Actually, I’m sadly thinking the reason he apologized today of all days was because of that horrible event up in NJ with the Rutgers kid committing suicide over the gay webcam video spying, not due to the queer justice league.