The DNC has a new logo and new slogan. See it  here.  BfD may very well be the best place to get comments about the new look. Please discuss.


10 Responses to So we have a new look…

  1. davidp says:

    I’ve looked at the site in different web browsers, and it doesn’t seem to render correctly. There are words down the left that link to pages that are not really visible because they are superimposed on top of pictures and other words.

    Not sure if everyone is getting that, but it seems like something they would have fixed before rolling it out.

  2. Drew says:

    I like the logo. It’s appropriate to focus on the D. I don’t love the color, tho. I prefer the darker blue of Obama’s site.

    I suspect the site is intended to look clean and simple, but it seems cluttered and unfinished to me. It needs another revision.

  3. Zaid says:

    We had a long laugh about this being the much touted reveal today

    • Mel says:

      Zaid, do you know who did it? Was it Sol Sender? My first impression is that it’s unusually spare. Sort of the antithesis of the Obama branding.

  4. Trevor Southerland says:

    I don’t think we’re retreating from the use of the wording “Democratic Party” but I think we’re trying to encourage our members to be proud to say they’re a Democrat.

    I mean, it’s far easier and more logical to say “I’m a Democrat” than “I’m a member of the Democratic Party.” You can’t say “I’m a Democratic.”

    We need to inspire pride in our affiliation… it’s the same way “liberal” is a curse word so much so that even liberals are afraid to use it but “conservative” indicates some sort of right hand of the Father status.

    • Sara says:

      OK, but it’s the Democratic National Committee. And now the word Democratic is nowhere on that site. This irks me.

  5. Sara says:


    Also, why are we retreating from the use of the word DEMOCRATIC party? Just because the assholes on the other side continually drop the -ic doesn’t mean we should.

  6. Trevor Southerland says:

    The web site itself is really nice… I’m not sold on the logo yet…

  7. Ed says:

    Could that logo and website be any more annoying.

  8. Gunner says:

    Notice the two candidates that pop up in the middle of the site. I like the geo-targeting (Nita is that a word).