What: Fundraiser and reception for House District 81 candidate Elena Parent

When: Tuesday, Septmber 28th from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Where: The home of Rep. Pat Gardner, 668 E. Pelham Rd NE, Atlanta GA 30324

Despite how bleak the political landscape can sometimes appear for Georgia Democrats, this year we have at least one excellent opportunity to pick up a seat that trends Democratic to begin with.  Several have tried before to take this seat back from Rep. Jill Chambers, but have failed largely because of Chambers’ willigness to fight dirty and bend the truth in over-the-top misleading (when not outright false) direct mail to her constituents.   She is trying the same thing this year against Parent, as you can see from that other thread and the ridiculous comments.  However, with our help Elena Parent will have the resources to fight back and set the record straight about her own strengths as a candidate and the places Chambers will stoop to in order to try and keep her seat.

I hope you can join us tomorrow night to meet Elena and support the good fight she is waging to take back HD81 as a Democratic seat this November.


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