Color me shocked – Governor Perdue has appointed Rob Teilhet as Director of GPDSC.

“The constitutional right to counsel is a promise to every Georgian that must be kept,” Teilhet said. “I am humbled to be a part of such important work, and I look forward to working with the Council and others to ensure that Georgia protects this constitutional right in a way that delivers the best value to our clients and the taxpayers.”

Although I’m a little wary of his last statement, I’m absolutely thrilled by this choice. Congratulations Rob!


6 Responses to Teilhet as GPDSC Director

  1. pcBobby says:

    Rob should have stayed in the GA House. He could have become minority leader. Arrogance ruled at the end of the day. Now, the vacated seat in Cobb County could go red.

    • Steve Golden says:

      You give very little credit to Stacey. That, and I do not think a bit of arrogance played into his decision to run. I still think he was the better candidate, and I know for a damned fact I’m not the only one. Just because he lost, doesn’t mean he never should have tried.

  2. JerryT says:

    I am really bummed that he lost. That guy Hodges is whacked. He thinks he’s running for federal prosecutor or District Attorney General or something. He thinks he’s like Wyatt Earp. He’s almost as bad as that guy in Alabama with the rifle in his ad.
    He could be in a movie: The Good, the Bad, and the Whacked.
    High Plains Freak.
    Rooster Hodgesburn.

  3. Jen B. says:

    One other thing. I am hopeful that Teilhet will change his mind on the “getting DNA from all arrestees” bullshit.

  4. Sara says:

    I am not unhappy with this choice. It would be nice, however, if the person appointed to run this agency had actually worked as a public defender for any length of time. *grumble*

    • Jen B. says:

      Or, any criminal defense experience really.. That being said, I would strongly encourage Rob to have a sitdown chat with the CPDs (as opposed to the Council) as soon as possible.