I’m going to have to take issue with a Georgia journalist who I admire. Yesterday, Jim Galloway posted a piece titled, “The bulletproof candidacy of Nathan Deal.”

Bulletproof based on what ? That he hasn’t quit?

Galloway makes the point that despite all the problems with Deal’s finances and ethics that have been reported in the press, he “has stayed afloat.”

While he is perhaps afloat, the boat is taking on water, rapidly. When the news broke about Deal’s financial woes, within a week, he went from holding a double-digit lead in the polls  (as sheer demographics would predict) to being either actually or statistically tied in most public polls. Eight days later, after a week of more bad news for Deal, miraculously, Insider Advantage published a poll showing Deal “surging” ahead of Barnes by eight points.

Seem odd to you? I haven’t seen the cross tabs on that poll, but I’d be very interested to know how the votes of African Americans and women were weighted. Plus, you and I are not normal. Most people don’t read political news. It takes time and repetition for the message to sink in with the electorate, and there is plenty of time left before the election.

Those who are tuned in, including Republicans, are none to happy with Deal. This week, we have more rumbles of discontent from within Deal’s own party with a State Committee member resigning in order to speak out publicly about his concerns about Deal.

It should come as no surprise that electing a Democratic governor in Georgia would require hard work, skill and patience. What is surprising is that the GOP nominee has yet to break 50% in most public polls. I have no doubt that fact is giving his Party pause.

The argument that run-off elections belong to Republicans in Georgia is based on mighty thin history, and this election is anything but typical. If I were Deal, I wouldn’t be measuring the drapes just yet.  And if I were a Barnes supporter, I’d stay tuned. This is far from done. There is no question: Roy Barnes can win this race, but he, and our other Democratic candidates, need our help to win.

The question is, how can each of us make a difference? You can improve the chances of every Democrat on the ballot by volunteering to help with our plan to get Democrats to the polls to vote. I don’t have the numbers yet for yesterday’s “Day of Action,” but I hear good things.  If you are a woman, you can also help with the Georgia Women VOTE! effort to reach out to women voters. We’re a month away from the election. Like never before, “we want you; we need you; we’ve gotta have you!”

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One Response to Based on What, Exactly?

  1. JMPrince says:

    Yep. St. Ronnie was similarly declared to be the ‘Teflon President’ with polling numbers quite similar to where Obama is today, at corresponding times in his presidency. SSDD with the Press. JMP