After we’re all done rooting for the Falcons at 1 ET and the Braves at 430 ET, please show your support for Doug as he debates Linderite and FairTaxer Rob Woodall at 630 ET on Georgia Public Broadcasting.  Gwinnett is changing rapidly, and I don’t see why it and its surrounding counties shouldn’t considered competitive, especially considering that we have such a strong candidate in Col. Heckman.

As always, you can watch the live stream here.

And please keep that support going through Election Day.  The kind folks over at Peanut Politics have done a great job highlighting Doug’s candidacy, but with less than a month until the election, he needs all the love he can get.

Find out more about our candidate in the GA-7:


One Response to Doug Heckman and Rob Woodall Debate Tonight

  1. Watcher says:

    Dude, you need to wake up. Doug is a better candidate than most that you democrappy party put up, but he does not have a chance in hell to get elected. I am calling it — 65-35 Woodall.

    Vote Libertarian!