The youngest is 30.

The oldest is 72.

Eleven are women.  Twelve are men.

One is from Atlanta.

Congratulations to them all.

Consider this your Monday morning Open Thread.


6 Responses to Fonts, Bees, Jazz & Jellyfish?

  1. JMPrince says:

    Z @ on the follow up on the story. The firefighters & town councilmen (Rethugs all), think that this is such a sterling success as an approach to reducing taxation, they want to Expand the subscription fire service to other towns! Cannibalizing other areas for their own benefit. What could be more perfect?

    Again Original story related by Z here:


  2. JMPrince says:

    Rethug Social Insurance! You can Smell the victory from here, so Forget the mammograms! Watch your pets sizzle in this age old canard of ‘subscription only’ firefighting in TN:

    And yes, this is why people should pay taxes too. An object lesson in cruelty, Rethug style. JMP

  3. JMPrince says:

    Some days you can’t keep up. Did not hear this on local radio either: via Jim Galloway, AJC:

    “Chief strategist for Mike Keown — former aide to Glenn Richardson — indicted for vote-buying in Alabama

    4:05 pm October 4, 2010, by Jim Galloway

    Jay Walker, chief strategist for Republican Mike Keown in his race against U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop, D-Albany, has resigned from the campaign following his indictment on federal vote-buying charges with the aim of making electronic bingo legal.

    …Walker has been charged with one count of conspiracy, one count of bribery and 11 counts of honest services fraud”. JMP

  4. JMPrince says:

    It’s in the water evidently: Jack Camp, Senior Federal Judge arrested on Drug & Gun charges, set up his stripper. Naturally, a Reagan appointee, with ‘troubles at home’. But Bygones, I guess! We might predict he’ll be gently & carefully regarded & then sent home with some minor parole provisions. After numerous delays of some years to confuse the matter & to play on sympathies too.


  5. Mel says:

    I had no idea Matthew Carter was 72. This means his best design years were in his 50s! Maybe there’s hope after all.