With the races for Governor & Lieutenant Governor getting much of the attention it’s easy to overlook the importance of the other state-wide elections taking place on November 2nd.  Thankfully, our friends over at Georgians for a Healthy Future have been looking closely at the candidates for Insurance Commissioner.  Yesterday they released their Voter Guide for Insurance Commissioner, which includes answers from all three candidates to eight questions ranging from consumers role in the design of upcoming health insurance exchanges; consumer education; and changes they might make to the office upon election.

You can read the guide online, but better yet, why not print it and take to happy hour tonight,  church this weekend, and the break room next week.  Talk with your friends about the Georgia Office of Insurance Commissioner.  It’s a big job!

There are many changes for the health insurance, we need an advocate standing up for us in the Gold Dome!  I know I’m voting for Mary Squires!


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