In Columbia County last night sheriff’s deputies aided The Division of Family and Children Services in removing four adopted children from the home of Columbia County Commissioner Scott Dean. Police are also looking for Dean’s 17 year old daughter Marlin “Lilly” Dean who is thought to have run away (if any of you have seen her please call the Columbia County Sheriff Office at: 706-541-1042) . She was last seen on Oct. 19th near the Augusta Mall. The Augusta Chronicle has the story.

What is odd to me is this is the first time the Dean family (as far as I can tell) has gone public about their missing child. I am not a parent but I would think that if a father’s daughter went missing that they would be running to the press trying to get her picture in the paper and on television. She has been missing for over 10 days and when asked for a comment the Dean family spokesperson (yes they have a spokesperson) Sarah Scott said, “We don’t really have a whole lot of comment. It is what it is.”

Your daughter is missing and you send out a talking head to say, “it is what it is”? How about you say something like,”please help me find my daughter. She was last seen wearing (insert color and type of clothing here).” Or something to that effect.

Local authorities are tight lipped on why the children were removed from the home. I am sure this is standard practice when children are involved and I agree with that. Also, no word if any crime has been committed (can any lawyer here pipe up on why children are removed from homes), but I did hear that Scott Dean has retained local attorney Pete Theodocion. Pete is the guy you get when you have done something really really bad. Really bad.

Dean is the former mayor of Harlem which is famous for being the home of this guy. He was also a rising star in the Columbia County GOP.

A while ago local reporter Scott Hudson broke a story about Dean and a possible improper relationship with a Columbia County employee. You can read about that here. The part that I like best in that story is the 6,000 texts in one month.

This is a very, very odd and sad story. I hope that his daughter is found safe and that no wrong has happened to the rest of his children.


One Response to “It is what it is”-Scott Dean family

  1. no name says:

    the Dean family knew where there daughter was all along. She never ran away. This was a phony issue that was made up to distract from the real story….the word on the street is that Mr. Dean is under investigation for inappropriately touching his adopted daughters. Which is the reason he hired mega criminal attorney Theodocian.