Blackburn was quick to point out what sets her apart from tax-hiker Rich Golick, “If elected to represent district 34 I will vote to restore cuts to education, keep our property taxes low and assure that our district has a representative that they know and can trust.”


7 Responses to Maryline Blackburn Press Release

  1. David says:

    Recently we had Matt from the Burnt Orange Report on the show and he told us that while statewide races were not going well for Democrats the Democratic Party of Texas had been targeting swing districts like this one and winning them.

    I think winning this and other seats like this could be a GA version of this strategy.

    • Chris says:

      I think the big questions post redistricting are:
      1. How many of those party switcher South GA seats move to the suburbs
      2. How are the suburban seats reconfigured

      Perfect example of #2 is Steve Davis and Bill Hembree – if those districts stay the same they are toast in 2012 if they make it through this year. Same thing for many Gwinnett seats.

      So – how is the map drawn? Let’s just posit that the Republicans have move than 100 seats in the House after this election. Now let’s also say that something like 10 of their members are in dicey situations – either their seat is getting Democratic quickly with 2012 approaching (Hembree, Davis) or they are already in a toss up seat (people like Chambers, Golick, Jacobs).

      I believe the best thing their party as a whole can hope for is a court drawn map – this is still a Republican leaning state and a fair map would probably return a high 90’s majority for them. HOWEVER, the problem as we learned back in 2001 is that you have to satisfy the existing members of the legislature when you draw your new map. So what typically happens is someone like Steve Davis, who is going to lose eventually anyway, configures his district to “borrow” Republican voters from a neighboring solid Republican district, in the process weakening the neighboring district and at best delaying the trend in his own. A good year for the other party comes along and because the solid district was weakened instead of losing just the 1 seat you lose both.

      It’s what happened in 2002/2004 with districts like SD 52, SD 31 (should have just drawn one D, one R instead of two barely lean D that went away in the Bush tide of ’04).

      So I think once that happens, then we’ll be more like Texas. Because Texas Republicans greatly overreached when they drew the current maps, and Georgia Republicans haven’t had their chance to screw it up yet.

  2. JMPrince says:

    No, you just really need to meet Maryline, she’s lovely & talented & smart, and more of everything that’s needed everywhere. Now what she might be able to do with all the so & so’s down under the Gold Dome is another story. But, hey that’s the larger Meta problem that we’re not going to solve in one election. JMP

  3. Jen B. says:

    If I lived in that district, I’d vote for Hope Demps, who’s running for the Independent, but.. then again, we’ve been friends for five years so I’m biased.

  4. Sara says:

    Every press release should simply read “I beat Sarah Palin, top that.”