Rep. Jan Jones, who saved Deal’s bacon in the primary, has noticed the Women. Against.Deal. Facebook page. I supposed it’s a little hard to ignore 23,783 people. Jones calls Barnes some names and accuses him of organizing a “candlelight vigil” for tonight. Horrors!!

I’m curious, does Jones agree with Deal’s four votes against strengthening protections for victims of domestic violence? Would she have voted as he did? Or is she just willing to allow him to hide behind her as he tries to run out the clock on the election?

In her post, Jones takes the time to call Barnes some names like “condescending” and “smarmy,” but what she doesn’t do is actually respond to any of the criticism of Deal for these votes. She points to Deal’s record as a “tough prosecutor.” Ahem. Deal was an assistant district attorney for two years or less (1970-1971) in Hall County. Two years max, forty years ago. He spent far more time in private practice – a practice that included criminal defense, by the way.

And they say we’re reaching way back in history….

Nathan Deal’s daughter, Katie, actually calls tonight’s candlelight vigil “distasteful.” Really? Women gathering for a candlelight vigil is distasteful? Not as distasteful as Deal’s four votes against better protections for victims of domestic violence.

Look, I know that the Deal camp must be worried about what seems to be a viral movement of women coming together to oppose Nathan Deal because of his track record of voting against the interest of women, but they shouldn’t be surprised. And they shouldn’t demean the women who have become part of this movement.That’s just shameful.

This whole thing reminds me of what the teachers did via email the week before the election in 2002. No one caused it; no one planned it; it just happened, and when it did Sonny supported it. They just didn’t have Facebook then…


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One Response to A Question or Two…

  1. Amy Morton says:

    Wow. Just wow. Here’s an additional comment from Katie Deal’s page:

    “Just in case I wasn’t clear, the group, WOMEN FOR DEAL, is holding a vigil of their own…same time, same place. Anyone who can make it in support of DEAL, please feel free to join the party! FYI, I hear that anyone wearing a DEAL shirt will have access to restrooms! :)”

    Great strategy. Women at your office for a vigil, and you allow only your die-hard, “wear-the-shirt” supporters into the restroom? Are you going to screen at the door? What a way to woo voters.