No doubt that Georgia Republicans are under a lot of stress these days.  What with their candidate for Governor dodging reporters and revelations of ethical challenges.  So, how appropriate that one of their candidates for re-election would offer up some stress relief!  That’s right, State Representative Calvin Hill is ready with some terrific products sure to lower blood pressure.  First up we have the Penis With Eyes Stress Reliever!  Who wouldn’t want that little jewel on their desk for all to see!  Think they offer it in blue for some of those GOP women?  Of course, an all time favorite would be Squeeze Breast Ball, probably a favorite of some of our GOP Constitutional officers!  But wait!  That’s not all.  Apparently Representative Hill doesn’t mind promoting Communism online, either!  Check out these Red China Star items.

What you ask?  That’s right!  State Representative Calvin Hill,   who received an award from (youtube of his acceptance speech) the Peaceful Solution Character Education group for speaking out against “immoral and sexually explicit” material being taught in Georgia colleges, offers up these stress relief toys on his company website.

Representative Calvin Hill – the life of the Georgia Grand Old Party!

9 Responses to Republican Stress Relief

  1. JMPrince says:

    And a pass along by Z again the other day here, and a reminder of the backstory too:

    “GOP Legislator Who Crusaded Against College Sex Ed Classes Owns Company That Sells Kinky Sex Gadgets

    In the winter of 2009, Georgia state legislator Rep. Calvin Hill (R-Canton) led a high-profile campaign against the teaching of public university courses that dealt with sexual health and related topics. Hill was joined by a small cadre of other conservatives who sought to end the teaching of courses dealing with topics such as male prostitution and gay history, and some of his acolytes even called for firing professors who taught these courses. Hill even appeared on CNN and boasted about an award he received for leading the battle to shut down courses dealing with sexuality. “Our public colleges are not the place for our young adults and future leaders to experiment and experience these types of sexually explicit behavior,” Hill said at the time.” [More @ Link]

  2. JMPrince says:

    Vapidly vulgar half-witted nitwits.

  3. Kimberly says:

    This doesn’t even phase me; wait whaaat another republican hypocrite… whatever. At least it looks like he has a real job to go back to, unlike 90% of the other Gold Dome rats who have no visible means of support except bankruptcy and sponging off lobbyists and PACs…

  4. Lauren says:

    Direct words from order form for one of those “stress relievers:” “Penis with eyes stress reliever. Stress relievers are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.” Clearly appropriate for ages 3 and up!

  5. MelGX says:

    I had to change the rating on my browser to X to see the site.

  6. Oh My! says:

    Type in “sex” in the search box.