All the predictions, gloom, doom, hand wringing, rallying, posturing and pandering comes down to this Tuesday Nov 2.

I’m going to throw together a daily resource guide for ya. Tomorrow I’ll take a look at the Write In efforts.

First Up:

The Georgia SOS site, click here to find out where your polling location is. Click here to know your rights as a GA Voter.

NOTE: Early voting in GA ends tomorrow(Friday) at 6:30 pm  in most locations.  Voting resumes Tuesday at 7:00 am and ends at 7:00 pm Tuesday evening. Hopefully that’s when the calls and emails will also stop. Dear goddess make it so.

Round up of “Special Interest” voter guides and endorsements:

LBGT, partisan and non partisan

People who care about the environment Sierra Club

People who care about a woman’s right to choose and reproductive justice Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Georgia’s WIN List

Non-Partisan voting guide from the League of Women Voters

{UPDATE} this just in from the Urban Independents, their endorsements for GA Progressive minded folks. Thanks Kate!


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