Ellis Black may be on the outs too.



2 Responses to Another Defection, Potentially

  1. Keith says:

    I’ve been calling around today to get a feel for someone that might be willing to step up if he does in fact defect. Lowndes and Brooks will be our best bet. Echols went 82-18 McCain, so that is out. The recent county commission race in Lowndes that rests completely within 174 went 63-37 to the Republican candidate. Brooks went 55-45 to McCain. So the way it looks is we will have to make up a 10 point gap, which isn’t entirely impossible but will be tough. Brooks County is developing a pretty good group in the county party and they may know of someone to put up for the seat. If (or when) he defects, I’ll step up the effort. The campaign will have to start next spring if we hope to turn out rural, African-American voters.