It is one thing to take nude photos of me and keep them forever, or in, it is quite another to f with my internet.

According the Ravinia Journal Constitution, Homeland Security is considering banning Wi-Fi on planes. Why? is it because Wi-Fi freaks them out? They apparently link this newfound desire to remove all possible breaks in tedium from flying to the printer cartridge bombs recently found on planes.

Make that 746. Sigh.


2 Responses to Homeland Insecurity

  1. Jason says:

    Did you read the AJC article? These are the morons making policy decision:

    “The Yemeni bomb plot demonstrates one way Wi-Fi could facilitate terrorists, said Dinkar Mokadam, an occupational safety expert with the Association of Flight Attendants. He said Wi-Fi and Internet-enabled calls could enable a terrorist to maneuver around the U.S. ban on the use of cell phones on airplanes and actually trigger a bomb.”

    So let me get this straight, these terrorists want to kill everyone on the plane, but when told to turn off their cell phones, automatically do?