Blocking Republican leadership backed legislation will be a futile effort for the next few cycles. Blocking crazy referendums and Constitutional amendments from reaching the ballot are really the only things our caucus can do for the foreseeable future. It is looking like we will only have 65-66 Democrats, so that will take near perfect party discipline.   Call me crazy, but we may be dependent on folks like Rich Golick, Judy Manning, Mike Jacobs, and Sharon Cooper in the GOP caucus to modify kRaZy ass legislation and Constitutional amendments.  That was a painful thing for me to say, but I said it.  May Xenu have mercy on Georgia progressives.


3 Responses to We May Need the Non-Insane Republicans

  1. JMPrince says:

    Yep. Try & rely on those same ‘sane’ Repug Chamber types who’d never somehow dismantle the UC system out in Cali, once the jewel in the crown of higher ed in the US & relatively inexpensive too. The pride of almost everyone, everywhere. And yet they did it, little by little, by hook & by crooked means, but they decimated their entire educational system in favor of tax breaks for their cronies in industry or favored (mostly elderly white) constituents. It was a conscious decision, year after year, indeed decade after decade. And once they had that silly 2/3rds budget rule, almost impossible to reverse. Just 1/3 of their Repug. Legislators ‘holding the line’ with rigid party discipline control the entire process now. And only a small select few ‘economic royalists’ ever really benefit from the resulting public wreckage, and the suffering is & has been immense. And those folks are Way more ‘liberal’ than our brand of politicos here in Ga. So never fear, in the US Senate on down to the states, the Rethug ‘crazy’ can & indeed has gone on for quite a long while already. Generations by now. JMP

  2. Drew says:

    The people of Georgia chose crazy in 2010, so crazy they shall have, at least for another two years. I say let them have it, and see if they like it as much as they thought they would.

    Still I think it’s foolish to hope that a handful of Republicans will remain sane. They’ll remain sane if they’re more concerned about the Democrat they face in the general election than the Republican they face in the primary. And given that the Democratic Party is so weak that it can’t rely on its own elected officials to remain sane, how likely is that?

  3. JMPrince says:

    I’m sorry, we’ve played this kind of ‘ever hopeful’ game in the past, for too long, and it’s just not worked out very well. Not for anyone. Witness the 80’s & ’90’s. Look at California too. A once bastion of ‘lib & moderate’ republicanism shot to hell so many ways it’s a basket case. So expect no hope & no reprieve. Either we learn to develop the discipline shown to us by the supposedly ‘moderate’ R’s like Susan Collins of ME in the current US Senate? (The one with the record for more filibusters or motions filed for same in the last 2 years than in any 20 year period in US History)? Either that, or we’re gone. History for a generation or more. It’s as simple as that, sadly enough. JMP