{UPDATE} Hey all- Spoke with Trell about an hour ago, the Atlanta Roots Camp has been canceled. They can always reschedule  another one if someone will step up and take the organizing/leadership role on.

Other cities are hosting RootsCamps this weekend-go here for a list of those cities.

The national debrief will be held in DC December 11-12, rsvp here. I plan on attending in DC.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone. Email me for more info, or contact Trell (info further down in post) if you are interested in leading a RootsCamp in the future.

RootsCamp is a unique opportunity to take a step back and meet progressive organizers in all fields to talk about successes and lessons learned in this year’s elections. You can be a part of the discussion at RootsCamp, engage other progressive organizers in meaningful ways, and gain new insights. Based on the numerous comments about the results of the GA election-this sounds like a great opportunity for those who wish to be part of the solution to start right away!

To be held at Georgia State University. The conversation will be fast-paced and engaging, and will cover all aspects of organizing work — including new media, field, and data/technology.

Come with your organizing challenges, leave with solutions that will make your organizing stronger, and create a network of new friends committed to growing our movement.

Are you in?

All this for $10. Volunteers needed to help lead the discussion, sign people in, help with meals etc. More info, contact Trell Thomas, States RootsCamp Fellow, New Organizing Institute ,803.586.1071 (cell), or  trell@neworganizing.com

Saturday-Sunday, November 13, 14 – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

RSVP here: RootsCamp, Georgia.

RootsCamp emerged in 2006 as a revolutionary “unconference.” Instead of relying on the tired old format of workshop proposals and a pre-set agenda, RootsCamp is a dynamic participant-led event that brings organizers together to learn from each others successes and failures.

After this mid-term election, at the end of the year, organizers part ways for new places and opportunities.  However, what happens to the experiences, the lessons learned from November? Nothing. Until now

This year between, November and December, NOI’s National RootsCamp will convene mid-term campaign workers under one roof to discuss the best practices in new media, data, and organizing practices on their campaigns.

RootsCamp is an incubator for fresh ideas, lively discussion and, most importantly, action-driven learning among diverse groups of passionate progressive activists.


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