Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was signed by the President at 9:30 am today in front of 500 very interested parties! Two from Atlanta.

Lt. Dan Choi gets his West Point ring back at the Senate Majority Leaders office at 1:00. This fulfills a promise Senator Reid made to Lt. Dan during NetRoots. Lawdy, I would have been bawling my eyes out at that.

The Senate approves the New START Treaty! Great job Georgia WAND! Sen. John Kerry battled back a half dozen amendments and  for days responded to some of the most ridiculous questions and queries from the GOP. I think even he might have snapped after another day of those.

House is voting on 9-11 First responder funding right now! Representative Donna Edwards is presiding. Senate already passed a compromise.

Tonight join Georgia’s LBGT community at Manuel’s to celebrate the repeal of DADT. I’m sure no one will mind if you did a few high fives for all this other legislation that was passed during the 111th session, which the punditry tells me was the most productive since the 1960’s.

All this action has been making my head spin this week…

UPDATE: Here is the  video of Lt. Dan Choi receiving his ring back from Senator Reid… two tissue alert comes with it.


9 Responses to It’s a big F’ing deal!

  1. Cranky Holiday Bitch says:

    Oh what a surprise, Matt doesn’t like the President, his agenda or congress… shocker

  2. PaulaG says:

    I love Lt. Dan Choi. Bravery is telling your traditional Korean mother that you won’t be marrying a nice Korean girl.

  3. JMPrince says:

    The reason for the ass-kicking? Among others? Pervasive fear and lack of progress on historically miserably levels of stubbornly high unemployment. That’s been a clear & persistent failure, ditto for the whole Hamp debacle and failure to deal with the massive bankster’s criminal mortgage fraud explosion that’s due to resurface with a vengeance any second.

    Still make no mistake about it. As with the Great Society, much was left undone & on the table for one reason or another. This was still the greatest push for progressive legislation many have seen in their lifetimes. And it’s demonstrably the best record on pushing same over the finish line in 40 years. That assessment is undeniable. Could & should more have been done? Sure. Was that at all likely given the forces constraining action here & now? Not very. Until we as a people rise up & demand filibuster reform and an end to the unprecedented abuse of process seen by the Rethugs in this Seante session? Nothing else ‘good’ will manage to get done. By plan & design. But the know nothing media seemingly are unable or unwilling to cover this angle of ‘gumminit’. And that’s not likely to change either. Unless they see ‘blood in the streets’ or the dramatics of a looming shutdown? They’re really not interested, & indeed barely understand.

    But enough of the thumb sucking for once. We coulda, shoulda. Fine. Get stronger, do better. But this closing 111th session? On the whole was something that should go down rightly so in history:


    • Matt says:

      Thumbsucking? More like realizing that massive majorities in both Houses, a president elected to the biggest popular vote majority in twenty years (and with initially huge popularity), and a discredited opposition party yielded so little. We’re left with cheering for the passage of things that should have come easily (like repealing DADT) and non-controversial judicial nominations.

      And so what if it was relatively better than previous Congresses? Only six of the previous forty years saw Democrats controlling both houses and the presidency.

      And next year? When the Republicans have a huge House majority and our Senate majority contains backstabbers like Lieberman, Landrieu, and Ben Nelson (who’s up for re-election, by the way)? You’re delusional if you think much good is going to come from that.

  4. Matt says:

    I’m sorry. As happy as I am that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is gone, that START was ratified, that several judges were confirmed, and that the 9/11 bill passed, it doesn’t make up for how much was not done. No ENDA, no Employee Free Choice Act, no energy bill, a joke of a healthcare bill, Bush’s tax cuts extended, and so on. Not to mention a huge ass-kicking in the elections that took down many good Democrats (e.g., Alan Grayson, Carol Shea-Porter, Russ Feingold).

    Again, I’m sorry, but this was a squandered opportunity.

    • Steve Golden says:

      Matt, perhaps you should read some of the commentary out there about this Congress. It was by far the most productive since the 1960s, with more landmark legislation than you can shake a stick at. Would I have liked more? Always, of course. But we have gotten so incredibly much done, ESPECIALLY compared to the normal amount of bills passed.

      But we also have to note the record number of filibusters to show how getting everything done would have been just plain impossible. I agree– we need more. But the day is but young, and we have more time. Let’s celebrate the victories we made, and get ready for January 5. That’s when it starts all over again.

  5. JMPrince says:

    Very touching that. Thanks for the update. Funnier this: Barney Frank being interviewed by CNS (Con News Service) Ballasy on the huge showering issue, for 3 minutes of ensuing hilarity.

    The comments here were also instructive. The vid is funny from any dimension.

  6. JMPrince says:

    Yep. I was thinking the same thing driving around hearing the coverage. Despite itself, and the constant arduous uphill climb against long odds, the ‘miserable’ 111th Congress has been the most productive in literally more than a generation. Since LBJ’s Great Society days of the 1960’s. And few will recognize that. Still, it might look every bit as scary to & for the Teaparty folks too.