Less than six weeks ago, Bubber Epps stood beside the Barnes bus – the yellow school bus- that rolled into Macon, looked me in the eye and said that anyone who runs as one party then serves as another is just plain dishonest.

He was right.

Today, my very reliable sources say he just joined the party that wants to protect corporate tax breaks while de-funding schools.


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18 Responses to Another One Bites

  1. theodore.herrera says:

    Prince I admire ur passion…..I am no fan of the bushies….they kept trying to be centrist in my view.Harriet Myers nomination told me all I needed to know about them.I admire the people who have posted on this site because I know where y’all stand……Gunner I would rather vote for an honest liberal like Troy Spicer or debbie hendly than a rino like johnmccain any day of the week.

  2. JMPrince says:

    There’s only one anti-American party, the Rethuglicans. Now & forever. They are the ones destroying the middle class. Deliberately. Systematically. All to line the pockets of plutocrats. In everything they do, they are out to destroy, encumber or negate any small business from succeeding. It’s all about their multi-national corporate masters who owe their allegiance to no one country, just to their money & worship of same. That’s why they’re always fighting for more tax breaks above all, and why they never pay much at all, due constantly to off shoreing the profits. The Bushies were the 1st administration in history that saw fit not only to not pay for the wars they engaged in, an unprecedented move that’s unheard of in all of history. But that was ‘OK’ because they made certain that both trillion dollar enterprises remained off the budget books. Out of sight, out of mind! Fiscally conservative? Adam Smith himself would condemn them heartily. Don’t believe it? Read & learn:



  3. theodore herrera says:

    Matt I am just telling you how the world works….by the way its not the Republicans that are causing all this….its your own Democrats.

    • Jason says:

      I’m curious exactly HOW the Georgia Democratic Party is running “hard to the left”. What about the DPG’s proposals were “hard to the left”?

  4. theodore herrera says:

    For all its faults it is the Republican Party that is Georgia.The Democrat Party is running so hard to the Left that it is going to be the Jane Fonda/Jesse Jackson Party.The Democratic Party of Georgia is finished….time for people to get on the pro-America Team…..an imperfect Republican Party is far better than an Obama anti American Party that the Democrats have become.

  5. Jason says:

    OK, so how many are now left in the Democratic House Caucus? How many does the GOP need to change the GA Constitution AT WILL?

    I think the next one to bolt will be Rick Crawford.

  6. Jen B. says:

    Rule #1: Never trust someone named Bubber.

  7. sunkawakan says:

    I suppose, then, when some of the more illustrious members of the legislature fall, they’ll all come running back…stay tuned and watch the media.

  8. Tim Cairl says:

    This one hurts more than any of the others…ouch…

  9. JMPrince says:

    More Quislings. And again, we need a better process to get the $$ back on these poor bets when they turncoat on us. Disgraceful treachery. JMP

  10. Jules says:

    Dang, Rep Bell…isn’t she his seatmate? I say she runs him over on her motorcycle.

  11. Amy Morton says:

    When Bubber ran in 2008, it was me he called when Freeman leveled withering and dishonest attacks against him. I wrote a script, used my office as a set and helped him get “something” up on TV to respond-all things I had absolutely no business doing btw. Then, a very good friend of ours produced and cut a real commercial for him to put in within days. I hushed my friends who warned me this would happen and supported a conservative Democrat with whom I agreed on some issues, but not all, because we have a big tent, right? Then, when he won by a handful of votes, that would have been me at the Board of Elections fighting for every one during the recount. And, that was fine. I was glad to do it all – anything not to have that social butterfly Freeman back under the Dome. I mean, the dude needed a warning label. But, at least I knew who he was.

    I’ve been around politics long enough not to be easily surprised. Count me shocked.

  12. Gunner says:

    “I will be honest with you. They talked to me about changing parties. But that’s not my nature. I’m not going to run under one banner and change to another. I feel like as a Democrat, I can reach across isles. Mr. Freeman just made some statements tonight that aren’t true.” -Bubber Epps Oct.11, 2010

  13. Daniel F. says:

    Leader Abrams is going to have a difficult time making it through Gold Dome metal detectors with all the knives they’ve stuck in her back. We all will.