What’s on your wishlist?

For the classical guitarist in your life, consider a nice spruce top number from Polish luthier Leszek Gajdzik.

A Triton submarine never goes out of style.

Of course, for the scotch lovers, a Black Bowmore is always appreciated, but, if you think the recipient doesn’t like Islay malts, a Macallan Lalique 57 would suffice in a pinch, I suppose.

Now, for my fellow BIGTIMERS, may I recommend endowing a professorial chair, or building a new wing of a hospital in a loved one’s name. For a nice, small Christmas gift. Be forewarned, however, most foundations are now weary of hiring starchitects following the great recession, so now is not your time to leave an impression on any campus.

What is on your Christmas wish list?


20 Responses to Christmas Wish List Open Thread

  1. BEZERKO says:

    Super Bowl 45, that’s what I want for Christmas!

  2. JMPrince says:

    Good thought that too Drew. Something perhaps more semi useful via the Census: Racial dispersion in the Atl:



  3. Drew says:

    I wish that when the Georgia Republican Party offers its shift-and-shaft tax plan, the Georgia Democratic Party would attack it as a tax hike and do everything in its power to block it – vote against in committee, on the floor, and when it passes (as it probably will), sue in any court that will hear it. Then run on repeal in 2012.

    But Democrats rarely do the opposition thing, so I doubt my wish will come true.

  4. theodore herrera says:

    Prince all that u listed proves he is not a conservative.IF THE GOP ever stops being pro life then conservatives can and should walk…..you cannot be for abortion and be conservative…..just as it nearly impossible for a dem to be pro life………….well Prince I hope you and ur family have a merry christmas and a terrific new year….that goes for all

  5. Delicate Flower says:

    Because we don’t want someone to get the attention he craves. Its been said before.

    Edit: Also it wasn’t worth saying once, certainly not twice.

  6. JMPrince says:

    [Again this seems to have not posted]

    2.) I forgot to mention this worthy cause earlier: Action Against Hunger.

    And the Ga. connection is that they’re using a new peanut paste to do this too.

    3.) To TH: Goldwater always had those libertarian instincts that saw the necessary & needed line drawn around everyone’s personal liberty and the demands & dictates of the State. Hence he was an early pro-choice advocate, and helped to found Planned Parenthood in AZ in the 1960’s. So despite the claims? The women/wives don’t ‘make them do it’. For Barry? It was there all the time. It just did not matter as much back then because it was not considered a ‘litmus test’ of either the proper role of government, or what Real conservatives meant when they spoke of ‘smaller government’! He was also an unlikely opponent of keeping gays out of the military too. ‘You don’t have to be straight to be a good solider, just shoot straight’! (That’s a rough quote).

    And Goldwater too saw the folly of our long covert wars in Central America in the 1980’s. Especially as it affected the Rule of Law. As a former WW11 pilot, he always knew that what Reagan wanted to do was not only illegal, but unwise. So yeah. He wanted most wars declared by Congress, as the Founders had intended. That’s part of the missing ‘wing’ of the GOP today. It was a long worthy conservative tradition going all the way back to Lincoln as a Whig too.

    So yeah. The crazy ideological march towards this utopian theocratic & autocratic state that you & the Rethugs want? Leaves out much if not most of humanity. Including most of our history. But again, you’d not know that either. History’s an unknown country as they say.

  7. Eric G. says:

    I want a new editorial board for the Augusta Chronicle.


  8. JMPrince says:

    Oh stop it TH. I know more real conservative Dems than have ever populated the GOP in your lifetime. You’d not know how to recognize them by now. And presently? Ol’ Barry Goldwater himself would be read out of the party for being too ‘liberal’. Ditto for Ronnie too I suspect. You & your cohorts don’t know because you keep on moving the goalposts ever down the crazy pike. We’ve got plenty of them here in Ga. though. The woods are filled with ’em. But real consistent Repug. conservatives? Rare as hen’s teeth, here & elsewhere. So we’ll always have a surplus for export. Again you’re welcome to them. JMP

    • theodore herrera says:

      Prince you r right about goldwater…..in his later years he was pro abortion….attacked christian conservatives and opposed our efforts in stopping communism in central america….with the influence of his new wife he began endorsing dems in arizona.he was also jelous of reagan…….I think they took his picture down from republican headquarters……in 1964 he was great…..then he morphed into a lefty…..sad………I guess it how many of you might have felt about zell miller…………if goldwater were alive today I would lead the charge to erase.the name goldwater from republican ranks

  9. theodore herrera says:

    Good wishes to all…..just stop sending the Republican Party so many Democrats…..now we got to figure out which ones are really conservative!

  10. JMPrince says:

    More good wishes, a repeal of DADT, which was silly from it’s inception, but likely still a needed compromise. It’s long since served it’s public opinion ‘bridging’ purpose. And instead of a baby sub that needs a million dollar yacht to transport around, why not cut the costs in half and have something semi-useful, like your own personal sized seaplane? That you can tow behind a pickup.

  11. JMPrince says:

    Meh. This was a thought from D. Sirota earlier, a public option [for HCR/ACA] via reconciliation. But failing that bit of magic, a new START treaty would do just fine for me. Yet another Reagan legacy basically orphaned by the modern day Rethugs. And to add to the contradictions perhaps a decent Savage 99 in really good shape digesting something available & reasonable for under 1K. Everything else has been covered & bought, or it can’t be had. Like buying health care for another. Been wanting that for some family since, oh about 20+ years. Might live to see such things too. JMP

  12. Tim Cairl says:

    actually Jen, not to be a geek, but extreme temp swings in both directions are an effect of global warming.

    • Jen B. says:

      Please, geek out all you want. In honor of the extreme temperature swings, I now want this for Christmas.

    • bezerko says:

      Global warming might lead to a north atlantic freeze, if the melting ice stops the gulf stream. Haven’t you seen The Day After!

  13. Daniel F. says:

    a Triton sub isnt BigTimer?

    • Delicate Flower says:

      Danny Danny Danny…

      there is BIGTIME and then there is “big time”. BIGTIMERS know only one is important and if you think a Triton is BigTime, then we know you aren’t BIGTIME and thus irrelevant.

      So much to learn its kinda cute, kid.

  14. Jen B. says:

    I wish global warming would get back on track. WTF, Atlanta? It’s cold!