I just wrote and produced-badly-my first political video today. The characters I used are that of a seasoned Georgia Democratic operative and a young idealistic Democratic activist. Let me know what you think about it.


10 Responses to The State of The Georgia Democratic Party

  1. “Woe is me, I’m gonna go hide in a corner and suck my thumb.” That’s one response to Republican wins, which guarantees that they’ll keep winning. Where does this cynicism come from about what we COULD learn from Drew Westen and George Lakoff (among others)? Certainly not from anyone who has read their books, because most Democrats have made NO noticeable attempts to implement what they’re talking about. But the Republicans (!) learned those lessons long ago and have implemented them with every means of communication they can muster. (Obviously, they don’t mind adding lying, racism, and xenophobia to the mix of tactics; not something we need to copy. But they understand the effectiveness of “values”-based, emotional appeals.) As Einstein said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If we’re too lazy to do something different, if the old way of doing politics is just too comfortable (if unsuccessful), if we just keep wailing “I don’t understand” but do the SAME thing the next election, nothing will change.

  2. Charlie says:

    ::golf clap::

    Well done.

  3. Daniel F. says:

    I’ve never seen or heard those guys, ever. Jason, where DO you come up with this stuff!? 🙂

  4. JMPrince says:

    Well EG the platform is a common one, quick & dirty though it may be, it’s widely used. I’m not wild about the slightly abundant invective, but the sentiment is one many share, naturally. And yes, I’m familiar with each case the ‘Vet’ cites, and it’s all very telling. Really hard to refute. We can talk & imagine words & worlds better describing & motivating our shrinking coalition, or we can go out and find concrete ways to add to it. Because nothing else is going to work, near or long term. But make no mistake, we’ve got to manage to do both at the same time to even try to keep afloat. But we’ve got to do some addition here.

    Of course, we need ‘idealistic young twerps’, as ever, but they & we’ve got to understand this is a dramatic situation very few people will have experienced to such a degree in their lives. And yes, it very well might & can get a whole lot worse before it begins to get better. And of course we’ve been running very conservative, very religious candidates in my county & elsewhere & losing for quite awhile now too. So no, that’s not going to fix the problem soon either. Even if they were wildly better funded, as noted by the Vet in the piece. We’re being beaten by their rabble. By people you’d not readily hire to do a job for your at your place of work, or even on your home. By people who by all rights actually may belong before the dock in court answering for their various suspiciously corrupt schemes & criminal malfeasance for a very long time. At a bare minimum. Or the ever popular certifiably insane or crassly incompetent dangerously power mad ideologues.

    So any way you slice it? It’s not a pretty picture. That’s the operational sitch now. We’ve not even gotten into the whole ‘nationalization’ bit. In my county, we’ve still got 11% unemployment. More than a few of those folks rose up & voted against us & their own interests to do the bidding of their Fox/Plutocratic overlords. And were glad to do so. Giddy, actually in some cases. Messaging may begin to reach those folks, but then again we’ll need a national 24/7 TV platform to try & do that. And a MSM that’s actually interested in reporting on facts, and somewhat understands them. So we’ll be needing several different national reform movements before we might be able to gain on the problem. And yes, this has been obvious for sometime too. Like Decades.

    One of the essential problems is that we’ve not got enough idealistic young twerps, and that they’re actually thin on the ground & still not very well organized or motivated. Most are too busy trying to stay afloat or playing off abusive and overbearing school loans to actually be able to volunteer much. Or just disheartened & discouraged to such a degree that they’re immobilized into something that looks like apathy. Or worse is a sort of ‘learned helplessness’ kind of fatigue.

    So sorry the Rethugs & the banksters blew up the world, and we’ll be spending decades digging out from it all. But we’ve got to ‘start anew’ so dig in for the long haul or oh yeah immigrate. Nothing ever gets fixed quickly, anywhere in anyone’s political economy. But if you don’t start working hard & well now? More of the world we know & love will be disappeared. Count on it. (Sorry for the length, and I can already hear the whines now…)


  5. Bernita says:

    Jason, I added the video for you. Great stuff.

  6. EGaluszka says:

    I think if you’re going to put something like this on the internet you should probably exercise a little effort.