I’ve just gotten back from a vacay from the hardcore political grid, so you’ll have to excuse my couple weeks old musings.

But in early January, I was pretty saddened to see that the 2010 Democratic Governor nominee Roy Barnes had taken on a new client, not just any client-but  this guy.

I don’t know about you; but Brown looks like he should be running his shady energy (coal) empire outta the Badda Bing club with Silvo and Tony Soprano.

I guess Barnes needs those $700.00 an hour fees to pay off his $88,906.00 campaign debit. But how awkward is this, I mean Barnes has lived in Cobb for like ever, and theoretically has been one of the many rate payers swindled by Cobb EMC.  Not only that several hard working Democrats have been toiling away to bring attention to Cobb EMC’s antics. I’d be pretty darn unhappy if I were David Lombrozzo and Tom Barksdale.

While I understand that Barnes is well within his rights to take these kinds of clients, I don’t have to like it. Nor do I have to defend my opinion that he’s tarnishing whatever small legacy he was hoping to leave in Democratic politics.

The Cobb EMC saga really hasn’t gotten enough attention around these parts, I may have to rectify that.


11 Responses to Disappointing, very

  1. JMPrince says:

    Yep. Quite rapidly too,

  2. frb says:

    You don’t know the half of it. Barnes was neck deep in protecting Dwight Brown and Cobb EMC BEFORE he ran for Governor this time. In fact, he went after the Maddox family, who filed the original lawsuit that started the process of bringing this stuff out, and they dropped out. He sent them a “bill” for $80,000 for his legal and “public relations” work protecting Brown and Cobb EMC.

    I don’t live in Cobb, but a lot of my family and a lot of friends live there. Even though this never came out in the election last year, I know a lot of Cobb people who knew about Barnes fighting against the people of the county for Dwight Brown, and they’d never vote for him, even with all the bad stuff that came out about good ole boy Deal. For whoever up there said Roy Barnes is the still the best democrats have, that wasn’t true during the election and isn’t true now. If democrats are crazy enough to let Barnes go on another ego trip by running against losers like saxby chambless or deal again, we’ll be stuck with those losers again. Barnes ruined the democrats when he was governor and ruined democrats again when he ran even though everybody with any sense knew georgia would never vote for him again.

    There are plenty of details about barnes and dwight brown, but I found this one pretty easy with google.


    • Delicate Flower says:

      Dude… I’m just curious… who do we have on our bench who you could say is better than a former governor?

      Jim Martin? If you believe that, stop talking.
      Max Cleland? Still in re-tread territory.
      Jim Marshall? OK…
      Maybe some in the legislature who haven’t shown they are ready yet?

      Let’s face it, we don’t have a bench and this isn’t a state we can win anymore, or at least for the near to long term future.

      • Mel says:

        Stacey Abrams, Rob Teilhet, Kasim Reed, Carol Porter, Elena Parent, Stacey Evans, Shyam Reddy, Scott Holcomb, Kwanza Hall, should I keep going? It isn’t that we don’t have a bench (albeit shallow), it’s that we eat our young.

        • Delicate Flower says:

          Wait, if we’re tired of re-treads…there’s a number of losers on that list. Just saying.

  3. Delicate Flower says:

    Yeah, this is totally what will destroy his legacy.

    Anyway, this is just going to re-hash old fights and the said thing is, he’s the best we still have. And he’s clearly no good anymore (not because of this). This just isn’t a state for Democrats.

  4. Bill Poston says:

    Please give Cobb EMC all the attention you can. It is time the whole dirty mess is explained to the masses in a way they can understand how Dwight Brown and the Directors stole from them. Most people don’t understand. And please nudge the Marietta Daily Journal into doing the job that they should have been doing years ago, to-wit: exposing Dwight Brown for the crook he is.

  5. Mel says:

    All that money and all those volunteer hours flushed down the tubes. Again. It’s crazy making. He should never have entered the race.

  6. JMP says:

    Yep, always it’s them dastardly lawyers. Nefarious from way back too. Consider the well known case of Capt. Thomas Preston & the Boston Massacre:

    Adams considered it “one of the best pieces of service I ever rendered my country.”

    Perhaps. Perhaps not. But it’s still lawyering. And even the likely guilty and nefarious deserve a defense. Then as now. But then again hardly anyone recalls this about Prez. John Adams. Let alone him, despite reasonably glowing recent bios too.

  7. KingRoy-meh says:

    bad timing of Amy Morton to be sending out that Barnes endorsement letter.

    Not that I’d want that retreads endorsement if I were her, & not sure what that says about her-he doesn’t know the first thing about building a winning organization and both his campaigns left us in huge debt as a party.