Saks Fifth Avenue had a great ad on page 2 today. Wow.

A story like this just isn’t done on blogs these days. Could it? Yes. But it isn’t. Also the layout of images is best served in a newspaper. It is also a really fascinating story.

I’m tired of reading about Twitter. Go find the damn article yourself if you’re interested.

Poor Brian Cowen. Really did the best thing possible for Ireland and is unfortunately paying the price.

Be sure to watch this when it comes out.

Not surprising.

A really sad story.

Bison is pretty tasty. I just wish I could still afford it.

SOTU preview. Manuel’s Tuesday for a SOTU watching party? Maybe a Cover it Live?

If you have a stomach strong enough to finish reading this…that’s something.

Wow. Not even a second section for news…

A truly shocking liszt indeed.

As the week preview reminds us…new season of “Archer” begins Thursday. Woot woot.

All but one article in the “Week in Review” section was excellent. Go read it all.

Only read the Magazine‘s departments. They were good enough.

I’m becoming more selective with what I want to read. Only a couple of OK suggestions in the book review.

Seriously, who reads the “SundayStyles” section? Ugh.


11 Responses to Open Thread — Sunday Times Edition

  1. Delicate Flower says:

    I’m feeling really lazy today and I think I may have gotten poison ivy on my derriere attempting to get a photo that didn’t turn out.

    May get to this at halftime.

  2. JMPrince says:

    You bet your Life. Because somedays you need to take that DeSoto out for a spin. In the sand.


  3. Delicate Flower says:

    Too hungover to read the paper today. Sorry.

  4. JMPrince says:

    “Fitness guru Jack LaLanne, 96, dies at Calif. home
    He exercised and ate healthy every day of his life, agent says..”

    Another ‘blast from the past’, but likely the happiest guy you’ve never seen on TV. Just an icon in too many ways to mention. One of the most genuinely humble but still greatest & proudest American you’d ever care to meet too. And so much more than just the ‘juicer’ guy seen on late night TV. Was regularly putting folks half his age to shame well into his 80’s & 90’s too. JMP

  5. Leslie says:

    I think NYT heard the bison story on NPR and decided to do one too.

    FYI, Nicholas Kristof will be at Kennesaw State Feb 3rd at 6:30. Tickets are free but must be reserved in advance .

    Hope I got that code right. It has been a while.

  6. JMPrince says:

    We hate everyone, Part Deux, Political version, (via Nate Silver):


  7. Ed says:

    Twice in two weeks I give you guys funny funny stuff in my post and you don’t recognize the genius.

  8. Mel says:

    Obama’s SOTU is titled “Winning the Future”. I’m not much for slogans, but if I had to choose one for the Democratic party, this would be it.

  9. Jen B. says:

    “People want the high omega-3s,” which are healthy fats, said Joe Gould, 61, as he scribbled notes at a mentoring session for buffalo-ranching newcomers at the National Bison Association’s winter conference at a hotel here last week.

    Actually, they just prefer the taste of bison over beef. And the omega-3s are just an added bonus.

    I’m down with a SOTU CiL since I won’t be at Manuel’s.