It appears that a certain cranky county party chair in Chatham spotted an error in the upcoming Democratic Party of Georgia’s election. Starting tomorrow, the DPG will have to reopen the nominations for all officers. So candidates who couldn’t figure out that they wanted to run for an executive position now have until Jan. 19th to make up their damn minds. Anyone who gets in to the race now doesn’t deserve a vote.

Rumor has it that the current 1st Vice Chair and former US Senate candidate is building his troops to run for the Chair position. The only visual I can think of is this.

Speaking of the DPG elections, there are a couple of candidates in one race *cough, cough, the Vice Chair of County Parties* who seem very fond of spamming State Committee Members multiple times each week. Email spamming a targeted audience of 300 people is dumb and annoying and has probably cost both candidates lots of votes.

Have fun with those elections and can someone please read the bylaws before the voting starts.


23 Responses to Place your bets again…

  1. JMPrince says:

    Thanks David, I will ask for a clarification. And helpfully, you’ve been able to edit your note too. Thx. JMP

  2. JMPrince says:

    Yep. Confusion reigns. SSDD.

  3. David says:


    The DPG sent me a list and Floyd County has 3 members. I live in Floyd County, but am NOT a Floyd County member.

  4. JMPrince says:

    Seemingly an impossible task, YDG. I’m now not even sure how many folks are eligible to be voting in my District. Or more properly, if the 11th CD has now got 4 voting members from Rome/Floyd. I’ve asked David to try and investigate that further. Might be very interesting. JMP

  5. YDGbilly says:

    May I take this opportunity to encourage all state committee-members with a vote (not me anymore, despite the party’s outdated list) that they elect leadership familiar with the party, its rules, by-laws, policies, and procedures? Or, at least, elect a few people who do.

    Or, in the alternative, elect people who will *stick* to rules, by-laws, policies, and procedures.

  6. David says:


    I remember getting calls from you both times you ran and was impressed by the way to handled your campaign.

  7. MelGX says:

    Hold the phone. Apparently this isn’t a done deal. We probably won’t get a final answer for a day or two.

  8. Page says:

    damn! I had a conflict and missed the charter and bylaws meeting on this topic last night. I wasn’t too concerned, since I’m positive we actually changed the qualifying date. Now I wish I had been able to be a part of the conversation that led to this conclusion.

    David, having run for a DNC spot, I can tell you that getting through all those calls takes a very long time. Everyone on that list is important (or at least should be) to the candidate, but depending on where they’re starting with the list, it may take a minute or two to get to everyone. So you might want to consider giving people a little more time to contact you. I’m sure they will.

    Let me know if I’m needed on jello shot duty.

  9. ATrigg says:

    What?? This is going to be insane. Sign me up for jello shot making and taking…

  10. BEZERKO says:

    I predict state committee members will get constant email, snail mail packets, and robocalls from the new candidate/s.

  11. Sweet Pea says:

    If only there were a machine. This is Tony giving everyone the finger on his way out the door. With any luck, the chair election in Chatham will be a do over and he’ll lose.

  12. Raquel says:

    Sounds like the machine wants to control intra-party politics the same way it controls electoral politics. Disenfranchisement is no fun.

  13. David says:

    I form letter or introductory email to the whole list would be a good start. 1 of the 4 actually called me and the other called and came to my house. That does score points with me, since I know they will be more responsive.

  14. David says:

    Maybe we need some new folks running. Out of all the races, 4, FOUR, 1,2,3,4! candidates have reached out to me for my vote. Part of me wants to name them and to give them credit, but that might bring shame to the others so I won’t at this time.

    • Steve Golden says:

      To start, it should be noted that there are many State Committee members, and there is still time to contact folks. I don’t think that should be a reason for not supporting someone at this point. The date of the election, perhaps we can have a different discussion if you still haven’t had more conversations, but I would hold tight for a little longer.

  15. Steve Golden says:

    Are we consigning ourselves to petty bickering for the rest of eternity? Because right now, it’s looking like Georgia Democrats are becoming exactly what the GA GOP says we are– irrelevant.

    There was a 45 day qualifying period for this non-political office. Remember, this is not a political office, it’s the head of an organization, albeit an important political organization. Now, two weeks after qualifying ended (which I will note, ended without any Bylaws Chairs noting inconsistencies), what has changed? Why should a single person believe that anyone who jumps into any race at this point has anyone but themselves in mind?

    Fellow Democrats– we’re talking about the future of a party here, and a party that got absolutely destroyed just about two months ago. We need someone (Darryl or Mike) to be leading our Party who AT LEAST had the vision and foresight to declare their intentions to run within the given time frame. How can anyone here trust that they will have the same vision and foresight to keep the Democratic Party above water?

    I’m not even talking about any specific individual, no matter whether or not they gave a public interview discussing why they decided not to run for the State Party Chair position. I’m talking about the future of a Party which apparently would rather spend the next month arguing mercilessly within itself because “their candidate” decided not to run and declare on time than actually attempt to do any governing.

    You want to know why people are frustrated with the Democratic Party of Georgia? Because for far too many people, the ego is more important than the collective good. There are rumors flying that this is going to get dirty, and that cards are going to be pulled that will divide our organization in a way that I fully believe will end it forever. We’re hearing that people are going to have their intentions questioned, that races will be stacked, and that lies will be told. I sincerely hope none of that is true.

    The biggest hope that I have, however, is that rationality and civility will prevail, and no persons will declare their intentions to run in this period of time.

  16. Jules says:

    Any idea what the level of attendance will be for the meeting? Will it be a packed house or will we be counting every head for quorum?

    Seems to me that folks who wanted to run for these roles should also have read the Bylaws, um no?

    But my real question is… who is bring the jello shots, and can we have more green ones this time?

    • Jason says:

      I’m willing to help with the jello shots, although my fridge isn’t the most spacious. It could be a fun Pre-Party.

    • Madelyn Clare says:

      Yes, jello shots, that was a hoot, Juliana. I’m curious as to why this would happen at this late date in the cycle, less than 30 days out. More will be revealed.

  17. JMPrince says:

    Heard this news last night with the Red Clay Dems. The mind boggles. I mentioned to Mike B. that something akin to this was bound to happen. And no, ‘Admin’, the Grande Armee was supremely successful at their task. Which was the whole point of the exercise. Our enterprise? Less so. JMP