State Rep. Scott Holcomb and Amir Farokhi wanted me to pass along the following info:

*The Truman Security Fellowship application for Spring 2011 is now available!*

The Truman Security Fellowship is a highly competitive leadership development program for exceptional individuals who show promise to become our country’s future progressive leaders and are committed to advancing Truman internationalist policy over the course of their careers.

The mission of the Truman Security Fellowship Program is to create a community of change agents who share the same values and have the desire, ability, and network to propel Truman internationalist policies to the forefront of U.S. foreign policy.

The Fellowship program trains and positions future policymakers to help advance their principles while not letting their values fall by the wayside in the face of everyday pressures, politics, and career advancement. The program facilitates strong community ties among Truman Fellows in order to implement security policies by connecting policymakers of common conviction. Beyond leadership development, the Fellowship serves to catalyze effective, strong, progressive policy.

If you’re interested, please visit to download the application and apply.


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