A smart reader sent this.

I am a political science student and like to keep up with whats happening under the Gold Dome during session.

Earlier this week I saw a Senate Press Conference concerning SB 63. SB 63 would establish a new ID card for Medicaid and Peach care patients. This proposed “smart” card would contain lots of sensitive information including fingerprints and medical history. I started trolling the internet for more information. While searching I came across a website detailing a scary lawsuit Senator Albers of North Fulton, the lead sponsor was involved in.

It looks like all of the primary legal documents are posted online in .pdf form at www.alberslawsuit.com. It appears that Senator Albers has serious problems handling sensitive information. Reading the documents it shows that he admitted guilt to defamation, theft of trade secrets and computer theft after he hacked into his former employers email and data servers and sold the sensitive information to multiple third parties.

Kinda scary that a guy with this checkered past would want to handle anyone’s sensitive information, whether they were receiving a “free service” his term or not.

Thank you to our readers for sending us these kinds of issues and stories, we can’t be everywhere!


2 Responses to From the Tip Line: SB63 Medicaid “Smart Card” has “issues”

  1. Old School says:

    This Albers looks like a fraud. We need to alert our Senators and Representatives to be on the lookout for all bills he attempts to maneuver through the General Assembly.

    Please spread the word.

  2. JMPrince says:

    Thanks Jules, still more opportunities for that cozy control fraud that we know & luv down here in Ga. Lovely! JMP