Half In Ten is a campaign to reduce poverty by half in ten years.  I thought I was pretty well informed about poverty but when I took the Half In Ten Quiz I got 4 of 15 questions wrong.  See how you do!

Meanwhile, child poverty and neglect are rising in Michigan, just as services are being cut.  Can Georgia be too far behind?

Is this really the best we can do?

H/T Nanlouise, a childhood friend.


2 Responses to Take this quiz.

  1. Julianal says:

    Well I got a 9, not too proud of that… I guess when I worked at the Capitol I learned more about poverty than I thought. It’s pretty darn sad.

    I remember when we went to India last year and folk said to us “aren’t you worried about all the poor people” and I was like.. have you been to some counties in GA? Have you been to some neighborhoods in St. Louis, Philly, rural MD?