Yesterday the Southern Education Foundation released a study outlining the rewards of Georgia’s previously  robust lottery-funded Pre-K programs.  No big surprises: Over $200 million in savings over the next 6 years;  improved preparation for kindergarten; fewer special education placements; lower drop out rates. Sadly, the report was too late to impact the vote in the Georgia House of Representatives, which passed sweeping cuts in lottery-funded education programs yesterday.

I was struck by this comment from the report:

The study’s authors said Deal’s plan will have Georgia bucking the national trend of pre-k programs going to longer, not shorter, hours. But they stopped short of calling on the governor to reconsider.

I am grateful to the 21 Democrats who cast their votes against HB326.  You can join the new Facebook Group formed to recognize and thank The Brave 21.


One Response to A day late, millions short.

  1. Jen B. says:

    Early childhood education is tremendously important and these cuts are terribly shortsighted. Cut somewhere else. Hell, cut the $3,600 HOPE scholarship that goes to kids enrolled in private schools. Or, raise revenue by legalizing alcohol sales on Sunday or gambling boats off the coast (yeah, I know. pipe dreams!).

    Seriously though, this is the WORST thing to come out of the HOPE bill.