Peach Pundit will be having an installment of its “Road Show” tonight at Pizzeria Vesuvius in 04W on Edgewood.

It will be from 6-9 and should be a good time, although you have to cover your own check.

Also, I will be there.


7 Responses to Bi-partisanship FTW

  1. Charlie says:

    Thanks for posting the invite Ed.

    Yes, seriously. It’s not a “Republican” event.

    Come on over and join us. Catherine went to one as noted and survived. Even had decent conversation along the way.

    Both House and Senate look like they’ll be working late, but still trying to get a few of these critters to join us. We frankly never know who to expect, so you may as well be among the unexpected.

    Hope to see some of you there.

  2. I’ve went to one of these a while ago. It was actually a lot of fun. I *may* decide to venture out.

  3. MelGX says:


  4. indie_rock_elitist says:

    You guys are jerks!

  5. Delicate Flower says:

    Me too.

  6. innerredneckexposed says:

    If you are there I’m out.