Remember when we thought he was cute?  Not so much anymore, huh?

I never knew they were here in the first place.  Now they aren’t going away?

A website? All that vamp and all we get is a website?

Georgia slips deeper and deeper into the dark ages.

H/T Jen, Thomas

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14 Responses to Friday Open Thread

  1. JMPrince says:

    We can fix you up with an ‘ol coon skin cap for cheap Tim. No one needs to know. But the French used to go wild for ’em too. Jerry Lewis too, but it was a different age.

  2. Tim Cairl says:

    One of the students here in Europe from GSU, Michael, has like 4 of the animal hats including a Stork. I love them! I just don’t want to wear them…in public that is.

  3. JMPrince says:

    Chart Book from the good folks on what the economy is doing now:

    Very useful, always timely & all done with Charts. JMP

  4. JMPrince says:

    In the running as the the unqualified good news of the week:

    From the good, NJ Rush too. JMP

  5. Jules says:

    I don’t know how drunk I’d have to be the wear an animal hat.

  6. nrallen says:


  7. nrallen says:

    when i was at my brother’s hockey games this weekend, one of the team mothers (re. a full grown adult woman) was wearing a sockmoney hat with matching sock monkey glovest. it was an unsettling sight to say the lease

  8. says:

    A friend told me a joke that would be funny if it weren’t exactly what’s going on.

    A teacher, a billionaire and a Tea Partier are sitting around a table.
    The hostess brings out a tray of 12 cookies.
    The billionaire takes 11 of them.
    The billionaire leans over and whispers in the Tea Partier’s ear:

    “Watch out. I think that teacher wants some of your cookie.”

    I’ve seen some dumb ass replies to it like the billionaire paid for them or he/she made the cookies. Only problem with that is that the freeloder billionaire who made the cookies with subsidized dough and an oven that was paid for by everybody else and made so long ago that it’s obsolete and undependable.

  9. Jen B. says:

    Catherine, how can you say you don’t want one of these? Seriously, wtf? THEY HAVE GONE TOO FAR.