Really, yes really.

The “Reduced HOPE” GOP House bill not only sailed through the House in record time, but the Republican controlled Senate committee well damn, man, that was like shit through a goose as my grandfather would say.

This morning it came before the Senate committee and in something 37 minutes it was in and out, no amendments minimal discussion.

So let me get this straight,  “Reduced HOPE” cuts Pre-K to a half day,  will hurt rural Georgia students the most, and give the legislature power to screw with HOPE each year!

Yes, this IS a crime against the future.

{UPDATED} From Twitter Sen. Jason Carter will be debating HOPE cuts with Doug Collins, the Governor’s floor leader tomorrow ( Saturday) on 11 Alive between 9-10 a.m. Tune in!



10 Responses to GA Republicans commit “Crime against the future”

  1. JMPrince says:

    That should have been ‘clearly doing the most good for the most kids’ up there, and Alan Essing agrees as noted by Tom recently:


  2. JMPrince says:

    Yeah Z, cause there’s no sense in delaying the circular firing squad any longer. Let the recriminations begin! Let us cower before the gawdawful possibility of a 30 sec. ad Horrors! People will know who did this. BTW? The real crime against the future lies in the drastic Pre-K cuts, clearly. We should income limit this (college) middle class entitlement to <$150-60K of income and fully fund the pre-k segment. That's clearly going to be ding the most good for the most kids.


    • Zaid says:

      It’s not a circular firing squad if the people who voted to gut HOPE are all outside the circle. Let’s not look transparently silly by pretending lots of Democrats didn’t.

  3. Zaid says:

    One way for Dems to make this a more clear attack is to kick Abrams off of leadership and admit those who supported Deal made a mistake. Otherwise their attacks calling this a GOP bill will be destroyed in one 30 second ad with an image of Abrams announcing the bill alongside Deal.

  4. Zaid says:

    Voted against the bill*

    21 Democrats did I believe, and every one was right to do so. The GOP does deserve to be tagged for it, but so do their Democratic appeasers who refused to turn it into an issue. Major props to Jason Carter.

  5. Zaid says:

    It’s anyone who voted for it’s bill, unfortunately. I’m glad the counter plan has been put up in the Senate, and I give props to anyone who voted for the bill.

    Abrams stood right besides Deal as he unveiled the plan and endorsed it.

  6. Trevor Southerland says:

    There’s also a counter plan from the Democrats… so yes, this is the GOP’s bill.

  7. Julianal says:

    Zaid, whatever was attempted by the minority leader, in the end the Republicans controlled the language and the intent.

    Efforts to make changes, well they were just efforts-without results.

    I’m comfortable tagging the GOP on this. Especially on the Senate side, the efforts of Sen. Carter and others were valiant but they are out gunned. In fact I don’t think 99% of GA actually realizes what just happened.

  8. Zaid says:

    I want to thank the Democrats who voted against this, but is it accurate to call it a GOP bill? The Minority Leader endorsed it. This seems to be a failure of leadership across the board.