Gov. Nathan Deal would like you to know that Georgia has maintained its “AAA” bond rating from all three rating agencies.

That puts Georgia among the top 16% of states.

Deal sez:

“Georgia is one of just eight states with the coveted triple-A ratings from all three rating agencies, and it is a reflection of the state’s commitment to sound fiscal management and the conservative leadership of our General Assembly.”

With the top-rating, it is easier for Georgia to borrow money.

According to Fitch, one of the bond rating agencies;

“The state’s longstanding ‘AAA’ rating and Stable Outlook reflect conservative debt management, a proven willingness and ability to support fiscal balance and a diversified economy. Despite economic weakness during the recession, the state’s economy has grown rapidly and diversified over time.”


3 Responses to Georgia Maintains AAA Bond Rating

  1. Dave Bearse says:

    “With the top-rating, it is easier for Georgia to borrow money”
    and Georgia’s been doing so too.

    While investment in transportation infrastructure has been inadquate as you point out EG, you might be surprised at how much of the too little investment has been undertaken with borrowed money.

  2. EGaluszka says:

    Great, maybe we can borrow some money to improve the laughable infrastructure in this state. It will improve the tax base long-term, I promise.

  3. innerredneckexposed says:

    Man. I feel like I read this before.